Tuesday, August 3, 2010

train rides and a picnic


The park down the street from my sister Adie’s house has free steam engine train rides once a
month during the summer and fall.


Gracie and Sophie loved it!
So did Adie and little Meade, however, my sister was not loving the photo shoot my hubby was attempting.


Since one of our dogs, Gussie, was getting groomed, we decided to bring our lab, Strini, with us
so she didn’t have to spend the day home alone.
We knew she’d love some post-train picnic fun!

Mia was so happy to be in charge of Strini, rather than ride the train with us.
She’s definitely the “dog whisperer” of our family.
She loves all animals so much, and loves to help us take care of our two dogs and our cat, Booty.
Booty Cat as we call her.


Time for lunch!
Off to find the perfect picnic location.


Picnic in action!


The girls chowing down.


A special thank you to little Meade, for kindly sharing one of his Oreo cookies with Gracie!
Her mean mom rarely buys fun stuff like that……but I’m sure you can tell that just by looking
at her huge grin!

Happy Tuesday!


My Trendy Tykes said...

The train ride sounds fun! Is that an oreo I spy? MMMM!

Carrie said...

That train ride does look fun, Nathan would love that.


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