Friday, July 31, 2009

A Promo for My Sister Maggie- Team USA

I always joke with my sister Maggie that I am her PR representative.

I wish.

That would be a dream job for sure.

She recently was selected as a member of the 2009 USA Softball Pan American Qualifier Team and is currently in Venezuela playing for the USA!

In 2007 Maggie was selected as a member of the USA Junior Women's National Team and helped win the gold medal at the ISF Junior Women's World Championships in The Netherlands.

My parents got to go and watch her play.

In 2009 Maggie was First-Team All-Big Ten

Click on THIS to see the cutest interview with my sister along with some GREAT highlights of her in action!

Here is Maggie in her AWESOME USA jersey.

So jealous!

So proud!

To check out the USA Softball Website and see Maggie's team click below!

2009 USA Softball Pan America Qualifier Team

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Used to Lurk

This was me before I started my own blog.

Just lurking around, getting ideas & becoming inspired by all the creativity and amazing things I saw other people doing.

"If others can DIY, why not me?" I thought.

So finally I started my own fun blog where I can share my new-found love of handmade goodness.

I am still a beginner, and that's ok. I still realize how important it is to CREATE something special and unique for my girls. So I will teach myself some fun new things I have never done before and hopefully teach my girls something along the way.

It is SO much fun to accomplish something and while I am HOME with them over then next few years (before they all leave me and spend their days at school) I want to enjoy every minute of every day with them.

The idea behind my new blog, HAUS of GIRLS, is to document our lives for the sole purpose of printing it out as a memory book for them to keep forever and be able to look back at and remember all the fun that we had.

I am NOT good at printing out pictures and putting them in ALBUMS. I do NOT have time to cut paper, photos etc and SCRAPBOOK.


Therfore, blogging is a much simpler and faster way to document our fun times and have everything in one place. I plan on making each of my girls a book with all of my posts, words, pictures and ideas for them to always have.

So if you are a LURKER like I used to be, go ahead and start your own blog to share your beautiful life and ideas and be able to capture this time in your life forever.

Sophie and Mia posing in their new dresses that Mimo made for them!

I can't wait until I figure out my new sewing machine (one of my AWESOME birthday gifts!) so I can start making them cute stuff like this!

Feel free to send any GREAT tutorials you have found my way so I can get CREATING!

Happy Blogging!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Today I am 30....

and it doesn't seem real.

This is who I still am.
Me with my cute twin sisters displaying our personalities to the max.

Me: Heart Sunglasses, of course
Haley: A Doll Dress as a Hat, Perfection.
Adie: Chilling with a Ball Cap, Perfect Pose!

Today, at 30, I still feel like this crazy girl...

Except now I must go somewhere a bit more private if I need to cry and scream.

I feel that I have lived my life not truly realizing that another year has come and gone. I understand it's a new year numerically speaking, but I don't think of it as literally a year of my life that is OVER and that I will never get back.

I mean it's only 12 months. That is a blink.

So to me, I will always remain the same Marta that was sprinting at the Ballwin Elementary track meets.

Life was so fun and easy and I was in {FIRST PLACE}

(Isn't this the BEST picture? My Uncle Craig took it and it's definitely one of my all time favorites. The way my school is right above me cheering me on is just priceless. And I remember it like yesterday!)

Now at 30, I don't always feel in first place, but as long as I can keep a good pace I think the best is yet to come.

Over the years I have experienced new things like graduating high school then college, getting engaged then married, having babies (times 3), changing LOTS O' DIAPERS, chasing said babies, buying a new house and cars and paying those bills, having parties for my babies and LAUGHING a lot.

What is tough about turning 30 for me is that I will never get those years back to have my babies, buy my first house, live my DREAM over again.

But that's life.

All I have now (all anyone has) is the PRESENT and to live each day in my 30's with no regrets and enjoying every minute with my family.

They are everything to me now and will be everything to me in my 80's.

Happy 30's to you all!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Am No Martha Stewart...{Tip #2}

...but I do HATE shoes all over my floor!

There is NOTHING worse, in my opinion, than walking into my house & tripping all over the girls' shoes (as well as my husband's).

I don't know how other moms survive without my second {I Am No Martha Stewart} tip..


I got this PRICELESS piece, before I even had kids, from Pier 1.

I saw the vision then.

"This would be PERFECT for all the little shoes when I have kids!"

What a life saver it has been. We put it right by our front door and our girls and all the kids I watch during the week know to take off their shoes and throw them on in the SHOE BIN.

For the back patio door I solved the shoe issue as well!

I bought this medium size BASKET from Target, the greatest place on Earth.

My girls come in from playing in the backyard and throw their flip flops or crocs in there!

Easy as PIE! And so WORTH not having all the little shoes all over my floor!

The back door shoe basket is great for the mobility factor.

In the Winter when we aren't going in and out of the back door very often, I will stick this shoe basket in the laundry room to get it out of the way. Not that it takes up too much room, but if we aren't using it that much it's nice to have the option to put it away for awhile.

I hope these SHOE BIN tips will help you in your home.

If you are anything like me and HATE stepping & tripping all over shoes go out and buy yourself a shoe BASKET for the back door and some type of {SHOE BIN} for the front door!

I think an antique of some kind with cubbies would work perfectly! That is, if you are an ANTIQUE stalker like me :)

Let me know if you use this tip and I would love to see your {SHOE BIN} pics!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

*Lake Trip*

We had another {LOVELY} trip to the lake this past weekend.

My girls LOVED it so much and would just stare out at all the boats zooming by.

Mia has a new addiction....{WAVE RUNNING!}

Daddy and Mia buzzed around the lake all day.

She kept yelling, "Daddy go the MAIN CHANNEL!"

How the heck does a 5 year old know what that is?!

Miss Sophie on the dock.

Group ride!
Sophie, at age 3, wasn't quite as obsessed as Mia was!

Mommy and Gracie pose on the dock!

She LOVED looking out at the water.

Mommy and Mia had a turn on the {WAVE RUNNER} too :)

Our SUPER FUN neighbors {JARMAN & JARGIRL} joined us this trip and we had such a blast with them!

The girls and our neighbor's son caught lighting bugs at night.
Sophie signaled to them with the flashlight, how cute!

My sister Adie and her hubby Meade and son Meade went with us too.

Such a fun time with family and friends!

After breakfast I caught Sophie putting her arm around Mia.

She adores her and I had to catch this moment with a photo.

My girls really {LOVE} each other so much and I hope it always stays this way.

Family shot at the pool :)

My little {FISHIES} had a blast!

Happy Summer to you all!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mia's {DAY} & HORSE {Party}!

The day has come.

"My last day EVER as a 4 year old."

Her birthday morning opening her gift.
Veterinarian Barbie of course!

Her birthday DAY was spent at the water park!
Daddy and Mia posing in the shallow pool.

She LOVED it!

Sophie loved it just as much!

Mommy loved it the most!
Getting a Tan + Slides = My Kind of Day

Mia on her "friends" {PARTY} day!

Checkout her MESSY FLOWER from Joyshope!
Have you ever seen anything so cute?!

I made her a "5" shirt to wear for the day!
My second attempt at making my girls shirts!

The first were the matching "Cupcake Cutie" tanks for Gracie's party!
Getting a little better each time :)

Mia taking her first ride on one of the horses!

Another shot on Chance the horse!

Sophie of course was in all cowgirl attire.

Sophie loved the horses!

Another birthday girl pose!

They yummy horse cake.

And finally a {FAMILY} shot of us after the long day.
Mia loved her first ever FRIENDS party so much.
It was the best weekend ever and I wish I could relive it again!

Happy Birthday to our Mia!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Baby Mia is 5 Years Old!

Once upon a time there was a VERY pregnant Marta who thought lounging by the pool in a bikini was the norm.

5 weeks before Mia arrived.
Don't be JEALOUS of my hot body!


On July 8, 2004 out came the most PERFECT little girl in the world!

3.5 weeks early.
Mia Adeleigh
6 pounds 4 ounces.

Look at those cute feet!

She was so PERFECT in every way.

She slept, ate, and was ALWAYS content and happy.

Mia wearing an outfit that was mine when I was a baby.

Glad my mom kept it!
All three of my girls wore it.

Mia' FIRST Birthday Party!

(I was pregnant with Sophie and didn't even know yet!)

A few weeks before she turned 2!

Love this face she is making :)

Mia's 3rd Birthday at Six Flags!

Her first day of school!

Her 4th Birthday Party!

And yesterday...her 5th Birthday at the water park!

Total Bliss...

Because of you, Mia, our lives are so much happier and meaningful.

You are the most kind hearted loving little girl in the world.

Thank you for teaching us how to love like never before.

Happy 5th Birthday to our Mimi!


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