Monday, August 31, 2009

Got Elk?

We sure did on my 30th birthday!

Lots and lots of ELK.

We totally hit the jackpot and it was one of the best birthdays ever.

A few minutes after entering the park we found a HUGE Daddy Elk all by himself hanging out down this hill in a super wooded area.

We spied on him as long as we could see him.

The girls LOVED our first ELK spotting of the day :)

We drove around some more looking for the hiding Elk throughout the entire park.

Where are they all at?!


The whole HERD was coming across the street right as we were driving by.

They MUST have known it was my 30th birthday and that my girls were wanting to say hello.

This was one of the BIG daddys.

And several more of his family members.

So we hop out to get a cute pic in front of all our new friends.

Innocent enough.


We freaked them all out and they started RUNNING toward us!

Can you say SCARY?!

I took off to the car with Gracie and Mia and Sophie just screamed as they ran behind me.

Steve said it was so hilarious to see us all scamper :)

Here is the cute little deer we saw later on.

We followed her around for awhile and the girls were, of course, calling her BAMBI.

Such a special and fun day to spend my 30th birthday.

The evening portion was dinner, Mexican, of course :)

Here are my Mom and Dad posing.

Adie and Maggie celebrating with me as well with a few MARGARITAS!

And finally, me and my girlies.

My lovely, giggly girlies.

My birthday party night!

Mommy and Gracie ready for the party to start!

My cake, that Steve forgot to get, and thankfully my favorite Mother in Law went and picked it up at 10 pm for me.

Thank you BARB! You are the best!

Me and Stevie before I blow out the candles.

30 whopping candles.....


Me and my most favorite neighbor, JARGIRL!

My sister Haley feeding little Tyler :)

Ella had so much fun she passed out on the couch.

That is when you know your party was a success!

I will never forget turning 30 and all my friends and family who made it so special.

I got the GREATEST gifts and felt so loved by all!

Thank you so much to everyone who shared my special birthday.

I will cherish the memories forever!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can You Say GOLD MEDAL?!

My sister Maggie sure can!

She recently got back from Venezuela with her very own GOLD MEDAL!

The USA Softball Elite team won the Pan American Qualifier with 3-1 win over Canada!

Congrats Maggie!

A few action shots in Venezuela.

The crowds LOVED team USA!

Maggie with some her fans.

Notice something around her neck?!

Another one of her many fans!

Two of her BIGGEST fans, Mia & Sophie

Another pose.

Sophie looks like she's growling at the Gold medal....?!

After Maggie showed us her AWESOME GOLD MEDAL, she decided to demonstrate some of her other talents on our new trampoline.

Not only is she an Gold Medalist, but she can JUMP!

And on a side note, I like to think that growing up with a trampoline in our backyard, and jumping on it EVERY SINGLE DAY had many lifelong benefits for me and my sisters.....

Softball Scholarships, Playing Professional Softball & Gold Medals to name a few.

I am just saying.
Now, my girls are learning some new tricks so we will see what it gets them in life!

I see athletics in their future already :)

Have a happy Thursday!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mia's First Day of Kindergarten

The day finally arrived.

Mia's First Day of Kindergarten.

I have been absent from BLOG world for a few days because I am trying to catch up after the chaos of Mia starting school, getting organized with the bus, filling out forms, FREAKING out all while taking care of 6 kids all day.


Anyway, I am back and have TONS of great stories and pictures to share.

On Mia's first day I feel I was really in shock the entire morning. I didn't quite grasp what was happening.

I can NOT possibly have a 5 year old, with a loose tooth, getting ready to hop on a BUS and head off to Kindergarten.

No way!
But I sure did.

Her breakfast of choice for her FIRST day.

PANCAKES of course.

Posing with her backpack before heading down to the bus stop.

Daddy and Mia

Mommy and Mia.
I don't look TEARY eyed at all.... ;)

Kindergarten Kisses!

The shot that makes me tear up even today after having a week and one day to get used to the idea that Miss Mia is a Kindergartner.

I held it together most of the morning and luckily Steve was home later than normal that morning and helped me put her on the bus.
He walked her down to the bus stop.
I couldn't see her.

I heard the bus and saw it pull up. This is when the TEARS just started flowing.
I was actually BAWLING standing on my front porch.

Sophie looked at me and said, "Mommy, stop that!"

I couldn't.

Flashes of her as a baby, learning to walk, singing, swinging, running, laughing hit me at once.
I lost it.
When the bus pulled away I couldn't believe it.
My MiMi was gone for the day..... forever...... until she graduates.


But that is life.

Not always in my control.

I have given her the wings she needs and must let her fly.

I am so proud of you Mia!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Golf with Daddy

I love being married to a teacher.

The time he has off in the summer is a sanity saver for me for sure.

He does SO much around the house that I am not exactly great at.
He helps me with the dishes, the laundry and anything else I need his assistance.

He also takes the girls almost everyday to do something fun and get out of the house.

Pool, bank, park... you name it.

And NOW he has added golfing :)

The girls and I are unable to get out very often during the day throughout the school year due to the fact that I watch 3 to 4 other children during the day on top of my crazy three girls!

The truth is, it isn't exactly a walk in the park loading up 7 kids in the car to run an errand or go to the pool.

Can you imagine taking a 6 month old, an almost 7 month old, a 11 month old, a 14 month old, a 2.5 yr old, a 3 yr old & a 5 yr old to the pool?!

That would be a great reality show.

Sign me up.

So a few weeks ago my fabulous hubby, Steve, took our girls on their first EVER golfing adventure.

Mia had a great swing :)

Look at that follow through....

and perfect contact.

Sophie trying to hold the HUGE golf club was an issue in itself.

Get it Soph!

Sophie was focusing hard.

They LOVED the golf cart....
and their snack bags I packed for them :)

And I LOVED getting them dressed in the cutest GOLFY outfits I could find.

A cute pose with Daddy after their 9 holes were done.

I love when the girls have DADDY time since I am with them 24/7.

I can't wait until I get my teaching degree so I can teach when all my girls are in school.

Can you say SUMMER'S OFF?

I sure can.


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