Friday, August 26, 2011

Insta-Friday: Back to School Week

A peek into our crazy back to school week(s) via my Instagram phone pictures…..


A morning sunrise run. My hair dryer.

img_1393 img_1395

Learning something new…. craps! My free spirited third child’s fashion statement.

img_1497 img_1537

Dinner after the girl’s open house. First day of school!

img_1538 img_1549

True story. Ripped pants, a side ponytail and a protein shake.
Who’s jealous?

img_1552 img_1568

I love my days! Matchers.

img_1573 img_1574

Block party fun! A spooktacular craft.

img_1575 img_1580

Can you guess the new Superhero bucket in my shop? Sophie the artist.

img_0141 img_0077

Clients that bring me gifts are awesome. No smiles. Only tongue.

img_0097 img_0127

A glimpse at one of my runs. Guess what I was eating?


And finally, my fave this week: Gracie demonstrating her lasso technique in the backyard.
“Mom, I’m a cowgirl!” she yells.
She can’t wait for our annual trip to the rodeo coming up in October!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Up Close & Personal with Taylor Swift



Two weekends ago Mia and I saw Taylor Swift in concert.
Mia’s first convert EVER. 
She’s going to have very high expectations for her next concert with the VIP treatment we had, all thanks to my sister Haley’s husband Jimmy.



Remember this card from Mia’s birthday?
Two tickets to a sold out Taylor Swift concert!!!


So off we went in our cute Taylor Swift tees my friend Mark from Taylortelli (also a big Taylor Swift fan) made for us.


Mia held my phone the entire drive into the city so she could snap some shots of the arch.
Here is her favorite one.


Mia ready to rock and roll, posing in front of the arch, with her fabulous Taylor Swift earrings and necklace that we made last year for her Taylor Swift themed birthday party!


She loved all of the huge trucks!



We were so excited to meet up with her friend Mia when we got to the concert arena!
Their family ended up buying tickets THAT DAY just a few rows in front of us.  CRAZINESS!!!




Mia and her mom, my friend Kelly,  posed with my Mia and I in front of the signature Taylor Swift “heart.”


Taylor time!
We were so super close!!!


Just a stone’s throw to the front stage.


Two very excited girls!


“Why you gotta be so mean?”


Self photo time to catch Mia’s huge happy grin.


“Back to December” snow.


One of my favorite pictures from the night. 
Love the lighting on her and how she’s rocking her guitar.
I want to be her when I grown up.


“Dear John.”
One of our faves.


Note Mia’s blonde head above Kelly’s video filming arm. 
She was staring in amazement as Taylor came down the aisle next to us!

Also note Kelly’s stellar Taylor Swift wrist band.  Her sweet husband bought Mia and I one as well, and we were fist pumping in those all night!


There she goes!


img_1462 img_1470

Loving every minute!

img_1475 img_1476

“Love Story” was the finale!

img_1478 img_1481  img_1480

After she flew all around above the crowd, she came back to the stage and confetti fell.

img_1483 img_1486 img_1487

Taking a bow.

Thank you Uncle Jimmy for helping to create so many amazing memories for Mia!
Pretty much the best night ever as it it will always make me want to sing to Mia “I had the best day, with you, today.” 


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