Monday, March 28, 2011

Sophie’s Rapunzel Party

This year, soon after seeing the new Disney Tangled movie, Sophie knew she wanted to celebrate her 5th birthday party with a Rapunzel party.  
We did just that a few weeks ago and I wanted to share some fun photos from our Tangled day.

Sophie 5 tower cake

I made this “tower” the night before her party and Sophie loved it so much.
It’s just a styrofoam circle on the bottom with a wooden dowel stuck in the center.
I stacked premade pecan rolls on the dowel, added one in a cupcake wrapper and then topped it with a waffle cone that I covered in purple candy coating.   Then I slathered the tower with green icing to make it look like the vines.  I am no cake decorator, but I think turned out cute.


I placed it on my cake stand making it super tall and put some of Sophie’s new favorite dessert below, brownie covered Oreos.  Yum!

  Sophie 5 cupcake toppers

My sister Haley made these adorable cupcake toppers that I planned on sticking in the brownies.  They wouldn’t jab through the Oreo centers, so I randomly stuck them into the stryrofoam. 

Sophie 5 decor Sophie 5 decor2

I am not a very good decorator.  I just make up random things as I go.
I decided to hang fives all over the house for a little splash of color.
Sophie really loved this and kept saying “cool fives Mom!”

Sophie 5 treats  

Some candy coated pretzel sticks and gummy bears.


We draped an eighteen foot blonde braid on our front door, that my husband so kindly help me braid.




  Kid cups for the lemonade station. 

Sophie 5 Flynn Rider

Remember in the movie how Rapunzel hits Flynn Rider in the head with a frying pan when he creeps up into her tower?  Well I saw a cute idea to have the kids play “Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn Rider.” 
I asked my husband to draw him on a big poster board and I must say, he did such a great job! 
I wish I was half as artistic as he is.


Sophie 5 flynn rider 2

Hersh, my dad’s longtime friend, was so kind to volunteer to be the official poster  holder.

Sophie 5 Gracie

We covered all the kids eyes’ with my scarf and sent them on their way with their very own frying pan.


Everyone did such a great job!
(Check out all the kids! And they are all cousins! My girls are so lucky to have such a big, fun family!)


I found some Tangled printables online and made these fun banners to drape randomly around the house.


They have the cute sun emblem from the movie.  Sophie loved these so much that they stayed up for several weeks after the party!


Ella, my sister Haley’s sweet girl, was kind enough to bring her new Rapunzel tower to add to the decor!
It opens up into a table with two chairs.  So fun!


The present station.  I sewed purple circles in a line and just hung them on our mantle.
”Sew” easy. 

Sophie 5 sign    

 Sophie 5 tower2 


We had a “build your own tower” station for the kids as well.
I bought skewers and put different fruit and cheese in frying pans to play off the movie again. 

Sophie 5 tower line


It was cute to see all the kids making their own “towers!”

Sophie 5 tower

Sophie all smiles in her retro Rapunzel dress up dress.

Sophie 5 mimo

Mimo holding my sister Adie’s new baby, Cooper.

Sophie 5 present time

Present time!


Loving this day with her side braid.

Sophie 5 Rapunzel on cakeSophie 5 cake

Time for cake!

Sophie 5 cake time

Sophie 5 candle Sophie 5 happy birthday song

Happy Birthday to you…

Sophie 5 candle time

Blow out the candles!


As her little guest left, she handed out some “Rapunzel Paint” to the girls and “Flynn Rider Paint” to the boys.

Such a fun day filled with family and friends.
Thank you to all who came to celebrate Sophie’s 5th birthday, Tangled style!


Anonymous said...

Love all your great ideas!

It's so great to see more and more people have parties at home for their kids- They remind me of the parties my mom had for my brothers and I when we were younger.

Looks like she had lots of fun!

Two Little Tots said...

LOVE your party...great job, hats off to you! Looks like a lot of fun. And I love your new look...I have not been to your blog for a little bit and it is so, so cute!

Ms Mae said...

What cute ideas! Is it sad I'm already looking for what to do for our Sophie's bday in September? :)

Love the braid on the door. What a good way to say "party is here"!

Tanya said...

I think the braid on the door is my fave!! SO cute :)
What a great party.
Yay for brownie covered oreo's!!

penny lane designs said...

cute, cute, cute! your girls are absolutely adorable too! :)

Joanna W. said...

Yep, love the braid! And that you thought to use Pecan Spins for the tower- clever!

Tony Gomez said...

Love the ideas, definitely used them for my daughters birthday.


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