Friday, March 27, 2009

Did My Kid Really Just Say That?

I know all parents have thought this to themselves a time or two........... or 100.

Sometimes, the stuff that they say is so off-the-wall, cute, or horrific!

I just wanted to write a quick blog about my little Sophie and how absolutely spot-on she can be, even though at times, I really wish she wasn't paying attention to anything but her toys. So many kids are like this! Just completely oblivious to their surroundings. Totally emerged in their activity.


You come within 50 feet of her with Peanut M&M's in your mouth and she will say, "What are you eating Mom?" Or put a new deodorant on..."Mommy what's that smell?" She really is in tune with the world around her. I love this about her, yet at times it can get a little tricky.

I have nightmares in regards to the whole "kids saying embarrassing things" scenario because of my mom's stories about myself. I guess I get what I deserve.

One of my favorite stories, about my own embarrassing commenting, took place when I was about three years old. My mom and I were waiting in the checkout line at Central Hardware. My mom said the minute she looked at the check out lady, she had a bad feeling. To top it off, one of my mom's friends she hadn't seen in a long time was in line also. The next thing she knew I was screaming, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH HER EYEBROWS?!" My mom said it was horrifying. Then after a long pause the rest...... "IT LOOKS LIKE SHE PAINTED THEM ON!" The nice checkout lady had no eyebrows of her own, only dark drawn on pencil eyebrows. What is a mom to do? I was only telling the truth!

Little Sophie reminds me of myself in this sense everyday lately. She just turned three and loves to tell you EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

A few days ago, Sophie and Mia were outside playing on their play set in the backyard. Our next door neighbors were doing a little landscaping. Apparently they were getting hot, because the husband took off his shirt at one point. Sophie was astonished at this and yelled up to me, as I was in the kitchen cleaning up the lunch time mess, "Hey Mom!! Why is Katie's* Dad so NUDY?!"

*Name changed to protect their identity ;)

So I did what I thought was best and just ignored her. Well she just kept yelling it over and over again. I finally popped my head out the door and waved her down. I gave her the PLEASE JUST WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF look. This always does the trick.

I know this particular example isn't as bad as it gets, or as bad as what I have experienced in the past, as well as what all of you have experienced on your Motherhood Journey! But it just reminded me of how innocent and adorable little kids are. The cute and funny things they say.... this leads me to another post in itself.... stay tuned for that! Subscribe to my blog so you won't miss any of the drama!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


if anyone has an extra $359 lying around, and wouldn't mind giving it to me, please let me know.

The reason being....

I am OBSESSED with getting this!

Meet KINDLE Kindle 2: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation): Electronics

Look how SLEEK and SMALL it is!

I really want this for the treadmill. I know this may sound weird, but so many people I have read about are reading while they walk/run on the treadmill. You can enlarge the font and you are ready to go! I have NO time to read so this will fill the one time slot of working out with two activities...getting in shape AND reading a good book.

Now if I can just save enough MOOLA to get myself one of these high tech toys!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Would You Rather....

Take a swim with him?


Allow your children to play with this?

Well, I definitely know my answer. Absolutely swim with the handsome Alligator. Go get my bikini...
Whoever invented MOON SAND should be sued.
I want to thank my mom for recently purchasing MOON SAND for Sophie for one of her many birthday gifts. She really giggled as Sophie opened it at Applebee's. I was also lauging, but a different kind of laugh. The kind when my teeth are clinched very tightly. My mom knew exactly what she was doing....

Here are just a few pictures of the destruction to my kitchen table... actually to my entire kitchen in general. I didn't remember to take a picture of the PILE of MOON SAND on the hard wood floor after I got done sweeping for 20 mintues. That would have been the best evidence as to why this stuff is so BRUTAL.

Notice Sophie's LAP full of Purple MESS?

They did have a lot of fun "Molding" the dogs and girl etc. So thank you mom for that. But I am sad to say I don't know when I will have the energy to pull this stuff out again.
What are you thoughts on MOON SAND? Is this just me? Leave me a comment about your experiences with this wonderful creation :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Have You Ever....

Seen a swing like this?

I think it is practically perfect!

This is my youngest sis Maggie! She plays for the University of Michigan and I am so proud of her. She also played on the USA Junior Olympic Softball Team for the Softball World Championship in Holland......

Here is her cute USA pic. While I am in the bragging mood... my other sisters, the twins, Adie and Haley were SO STELLAR as well. They played PROFESSIONAL softball for the Chicago Bandits! I am so proud of them and happy that I got to go to a few of the games in between having my girls.

Here are their pics off the Chicago Bandits website.... too bad they switched their names! No one can tell them apart.... I can. I have ALWAYS been able to tell them apart. Ever since I was little I was always the expert on my sisters. I would correct everyone!

So I think I am done bragging about my sisters.... we are a very sporty family. My dad had four daughters (Another Haus of Girls) and being a professional baseball player in his past he helped guide us into the athletic side of life. (Definitely no cheerleading allowed!) I am so thankful for that. Sports, in my opinion, influences girls in so many ways. From self-esteem, learning to never give up and realizing what it takes to be part of a TEAM. I hope my three girls play sports and succeed in all they do just like me and my sisters did.

After we watched Aunt Maggie hit a homer today on tv Mia started running around going crazy! She started pretend swinging a bat and said to me, "Mommy, I am going to be on tv one day just like Maggie and hit the ball over the fence SUPER far!"

I hope I get to see her hit a homerun someday!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The 4 Sisters. Adie, Haley, Me Marta and Maggie

I love this holiday! I think it is because it reminds me of every March growing up. My three sisters all had March birthdays. Several years their birthday parties were GREEN themed for St. Patrick's Day. I can flash back to a time we were all so young, carefree and racing the cars in our front yard. I can't imagine how different my life would have been without my sisters. I am so thankful for them. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone and Happy Birthday Adie, Haley and Maggie!

Marta and Maggie: Float Trip Time!

At Maggie's Softball Game in 2006. Go Michigan!

Adie, Me, Dad and Haley at Beer Fest 2007

Adie and Me Taking Our Own Photo for a Change

Me, Mags, Hales and Ads

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sophie is Free....

Well actually she is 3.
But for now she still likes to tell people she is "free."
We had a fabulous Barbie and the Diamond Caslte Themed Party for her this weekend. Everyone came over and Sophie handed out her fun Personalized Buckets to all her young guests!
I just added them to my Shop! Head on over to get some for your child's next party!

My little Sophie is so proud of being 3. Such a big girl now!

Twirling away in her tutu!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Button

Haus of Girls

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Thank you!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sophie’s Last Day as a Two Year Old


The beginning of a new tradition.
Celebrating the last day at any age!

March 3, 2009:  Sophie’s last day as a two year old.


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