Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Carter's Crusaders

Who battles Liver Cancer with a smile?


I learned about Carter, the CRUSADER, from my friend Erin over at Bringing Up Burns.

I just adore her.

She told me about her good friend Kara and how her 22 month old son was recently diagnosed with liver cancer.

Here is a little information about Carter....

Carter is an amazing 2 year old that has been a true CRUSADER these past 5 months. He's several weeks post transplant and doing great! His hair is even starting to grow back. A few weeks ago Carter even became a BIG BROTHER!

Click here to read his entire story!

When Erin asked me to help by donating a portion of my Etsy sales to the Carter's Crusaders I was absolutely honored to be a part of such a great cause.

I know how difficult it is as a Mom to struggle when any of my girls are sick or hurting, so I can't even imagine what Kara and Matt are going through right now.

They are an inspiration to all of us.

Please join me in raising money for the Children's Hospital of Orange County Walk in Disneyland on October 18th!

$2 of any bucket in my shop will be donating to the Carter's Crusaders fund.

And if you click the above button, it will take you to ALL of the items that are currently listed on Etsy for Carter's Crusaders!

PS How cute are these shirts?

Erin will be selling these in her shop soon!

Keep an eye out for them and thank you so much in advance for all your help!

Friday, September 25, 2009

My First Sewing Project.....

Since 7th grade Home-Ec Class.

It was quite scary, but I managed to make a few cute things given I had very few of the sewing essentials handy.

For example I had NO PINS so I used random needles to hold the fabric together.


Also, NO rotary cutter.

Just an OLD pair of horrific scissors that barely cut toilet paper.

REAL Ghetto.

And this is the result!

A fun crooked CRINKLE taggie toy MICHIGAN STYLE for Gracie.

She wasn't real impressed, but I know I can find another GIRL in this family to pass it down to :)

I also made a crinkle OWL for Gracie.

Pink and Brown, just like her bedroom :)

Thanks to Julie at Joyshope I headed to JoAnns, with her email (pics included! How awesome is she?)and coupons in hand, and bought a few of what she thought were the must haves.
I was then able to make my first article of clothing, a DRESS for Sophie!

Thank you Julie!

It turned out really cute and Sophie was very impressed.

She wanted to wear it all day!

This FUN dress is actually made out of two DISH TOWELS!

Yes, dish towels.

I followed an easy tutorial after seeing it on Angie's FUN blog!

Then made some bows to match and even added a few to my SHOP.

Of course I had to make all of my girls Halloween leg warmers.
Because I am so 80's.

Gracie was not real impressed.

She wanted to play with the BALL instead.

She tried to rip them off a few times.

So NOT 80's of her.

Now I have to get the time to finish Mia and Gracie's dresses.

A white ghost for Gracie and Purple Cat for Mia.


Have a Spooktacular Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Because I Never Took Dance.....

I want my girls to.

I always complain to my mom that, because of her not putting me in any kind of dance class, I am now the WORLD'S worst dancer.

My sisters: Ballet Class.
(Home Videos and all. Adorable.)
Me: Nada.

My sisters: AWESOME dancers.
Me: Horrific.

So I want to thank you, Mom, for allowing me to suffer through life with NO dance skills.

Totally kidding.

I think I was truly born this horrible of a dancer.

So, due to my personal experiences, my girls will take DANCE for a minimum of two years. At least they will pick up a few moves that will carry them into college.

Last night was their FIRST dance class.
I put them in the SAME class.
How cute will this be?!

Mia's first year of dance was last year so she is a seasoned pro, but for Sophie, this is her first ever dance experience! I am glad she will be with Mia and it will make watching the RECITAL a little easier as well! Instead of 3 or 4 routines to try and catch I will be able to focus on 1 or 2!

Getting ready to go do some Plies!

They love each other so much.

As the big girls danced, Gracie and I chilled outside the studio counting pennies and modeling the new flower headband I made for her.

She got lots of compliments and waved to a lot of nice Moms.
Such fun bonding for us one on one :)

And I had to add these cute pics from this morning.
Mia wanted the "Princess Leia" look today.

A sister hug before heading off to school.

I love these girls.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Prom Mom

It is just me, or do any of you other moms feel a little "under dressed" during the routine errands throughout the week?

Basic things like, dropping the kids off at school or popping into the local Target to pick up some goodies?

I mean some of the moms that I see at Preschool are just TOO much.

TOO much makeup, hairspray, and height on their heels.

I just don't get it.

Heels at soccer practice?

No thank you.

I don't even wear heels to go out.

So recently, after several years of coming and going from school, I made up a name for all those moms that look TOO cute to just be dropping off their kids at school so early in the morning.


I really hate them.

Only because I am so jealous.

I mean, I would LOVE to have this funky fun outfit on while dropping off Mia and Sophie.

But, I think people would stare.

I don't think my husband would even recognize me if he walked in our house after work and saw me in this.

These shoes are fab with this CUTE dress.

But they would make me about 6 foot 8 inches tall.

NOT fab.

I seriously would love some tips on how these Prom Moms do it.

I barely have enough time to put a bra on after getting my 3 year old out of bed, dressed, fed, socks and shoes on, hair done and teeth brushed. THEN helping my 5 year old get dressed, fed, socks and shoes on, hair done and teeth brushed!

Don't forget the other 3 kids I have to feed, wipe down and then get into the 'Burban making it a grand total of 6 munchkins to lift and load.

This leaves very little time in my morning for hair doing for myself, any makeup application whatsoever, or high heel wearing.

How do they do it?

Someone fill me in.

I can't possibly get up an hour earlier to shower, dry my hair, and make myself up.
7 am is PLENTY early for me considering my 1-2 am bedtime these days.

So I guess I will have to settle for my (camouflage Michigan) hats, tanks and yoga pants during the week.
I can only dream what it may be like to be a PROM MOM.

Maybe when Gracie, my third daughter, is in school I will have the skills needed to obtain glamour at 8 am.

But until then, I will enjoy life happily in my hats, tank tops and flip flops.

At least I am comfortable.
Just not that glamorous.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Goodbye Summer

My husband's parents have the BEST condo right on the LAKE.

A few weeks ago they were ever so gracious enough to allow MY crazy family to enjoy one last weekend of SUMMER fun!

This was the view as we crossed the Dam.

So beautiful.

When we got to the condo the FUN began!

Mia, my sister Haley's daughter Ella, and Sophie, all smiles.


My dad holding little Tyler, Haley's new baby boy.

(Thank goodness my sister's can have boys!)

My sister's Adie and Mags posing.

Me and Maggie on the screened in porch.

Haley and Mags

Trying to dance like our Mom.

The girls enjoying the FRIGID pool.

Adie's little boy, Meade, loved the pool!

Mia finally got on the Wave Runner with Dad.

She is a little OBSESSED.

Maggie and Mia (BFF) enjoying the dock.

Maggie and Mia having a turn!

Maggie, Mia and Me posing on the dock.

My hubby Steve took Maggie out before she attempted to drive for the FIRST TIME.

My dad and mom relaxing on the dock.

Maggie and Haley relaxing in the glorious SUMMER SUN!

Me and Maggie.... the other twins.

(Since Adie and Haley are REAL twins we always call ourselves the other twins!)

Another cute shot of my parents.

I am so sad Summer is coming to an end.

I LIVE for summer.

However, yesterday and and the girls got out the HALLOWEEN decor and it cheered me up a little bit :)

I sure am going to miss you Summer Sunsets.

Come back soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Preschool Tears from So-Mo

Sophie had her FIRST day of preschool a few days ago.

She was NOT impressed.

Her attitude during breakfast was not very chipper.

She perked up a bit outside for our traditional backpack pose.

The sun was too bright and sparked the crabby nerve once again.

By this point there were real tears.

And words like these were coming out of her mouth....

"I don't want to go to school!"

"I will miss you Mommy!"

"I can't leave Gracie!"

My little So-Mo (as Mia calls her) was about to make ME cry.

I thought a "SISTER" pose would cheer her up!

A Mommy pose?

A Daddy pose?

A Mommy Kiss?

Not really.

She was so cute climbing in the Suburban with Daddy and Mia.

I tried not to cry as I watched two of my three girls go on about their day and head off to school like no body's business.

The hardest thing for me when I have to be away from my girls is asking myself, "Do they KNOW how much I love them?" I wonder if they know how much they mean to me when I am NOT with them. When I am UNABLE to tell them. UNABLE to talk to them at all. UNABLE to see them. It is the most difficult thing for me as a mom. My time when I CAN'T be with them.

Sophie LOVED her first day of Preschool so much.

Here is the AFTER shot with Daddy!

YAY for So-Mo, So-Fo, Silly So-Mo... and whatever other nicknames Mia has for you!

My little munchkin girls are not so little anymore.

Big girl SCHOOL girls NOW :)


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