Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two Birthday Parties in One: A Duck Quackin’ & Guitar Strummin’ Good Time!


Last weekend we celebrated Gracie’s 2nd birthday, which was May 28th and Mia’s 6th Birthday, which is quickly approaching on July 8th. (Tears…)

It was our first ever dual party and it ended up being such a fun day filled with Ducky (since Gracie’s favorite toy is her friend ‘Ducky’ that she sleeps with every night!) &
Taylor Swift excitement!  


Thanks to my cute sister Haley, I have pictures documenting this wonderful day.
My pictures, and videos, were all accidently erased by Mia.
Not a good feeling.
However, it was just another reminder why I am so blessed to have sisters.
They always have my back….. and a really awesome camera, which totally helps.


The dining room festiveness!

I made the same tissue pom poms that my sister Haley made the weekend before for her
Circus themed party that I posted about earlier this week….. remember Neverland Ranch?



I put them everywhere!
They replaced balloons for this party, which was a fun twist.

I also made a few buntings out of scrap book paper triangles and ribbon to drape around
the house just to add a splash of color. 


I also made a few guitar and duck cupcake toppers.



I strung guitar garland on our sliding glass door and some duck garland above my kitchen sink.
I also hung a few guitars and ducks randomly throughout my kitchen for some more fun.


My last name sign I had in my kitchen.


The ducky candies were a huge hit!


Grandpa tickling the birthday girl!


Can you tell how much Gracie loves my sister Maggie?
She still considers her a second Mom.



Ready for the Duck Hunt!
Team Awesome: Ethan, Sophie & Ella.


The Duck Hunt in action!


Gracie girl loved the Ducky tank top I made her.
But her all-time fave was the duck hairclip I made!
You can’t really tell in this picture, but it looked like a duck with a pink bow, googly eyes,
orange beak and all!


Sophie was so excited to get her very own guitar tank.
And she has yet to take off her Taylor Swift necklace.
(These were Mia’s favors to the older girls at the party.)


Mia rockin’ her guitar tank and ribbon skirt, (tutorial coming soon!) along with her
Taylor Swift necklace and earrings!


Nothing better than a game of Pin the Beak on the Duck.


Little Meade dominated.


Gracie did pretty good too!


Ella getting ready to pin the beak!


Ethan getting spun around a few times.


Carly was one of the three winners!


Mia’s turn!
(Yes I have a Taylor Swift necklace on as well. Very trendy for 30 year olds in case you weren’t aware.)


Tyler didn’t get his turn at Pin the Beak, but how cute is this baby boy’s smile?!
I could eat him.


Speaking of eating, Abigail was quite edible as well!
Look at her cute cheeks!!!


Next up, our traditional cake pose!


Gracie is ready to blow out the candles.
I love this picture…. look at Ella’s cute face!


My cousin Kelsey was such a big help to me, not only reading Toy Story to Gracie, but in helping my sister Maggie with the Duck (Scavenger) Hunt clues.
You girls are the BEST! Thank you!


Present time!
(Here is a better shot of the duck hairclip! so fun!)


And finally, Mia’s favorite present of the day.
A new Softball bat from Aunt Maggie, of course!

Happy Birthday to Mia & Gracie!
I hope you both loved your party this year.
I think it was definitely one of the best days of this summer so far!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

summer smorgasbord


A little catch up on the summer fun we’ve been having so far…..


Mia and Sophie had “Bring a Friend” night for their last dance class.
Mia chose to bring her cousin Olivia & Sophie chose our neighbor’s little girl Lily.


After dance, Olivia spent the night for Mia’s very first SLUMBER PARTY!
Root beer floats were on the menu.



Along with a scavenger hunt, or two.
Both Steve & I made one for all the girls & then they picked who had the best one.
I may or may not have won…..Dum Dum Suckers in the mailbox for the final stop helped me seal the deal.



The girls (along with Booty cat if you can see her!) posing with their prizes in front of our house.


Next stop. Ella & Tyler's birthday celebration at Haley’s house….. aka NEVERLAND RANCH.
Bounce house, huge new play set, trampoline, some kind of carnival car that I was driving around all day……


tent, pool……


outdoor TV hanging above the outdoor fireplace to watch the Cardinal’s game….


snow cone machine, cotton candy machine & even a home made Carnival Photo Booth!
Now you see why I nicknamed Haley’s house NEVERLAND and why Sophie
asks, “Can I live here?” whenever we visit.



My sister Maggie and I lounging by the pool.


Here I am driving the car around with Gracie, Ella & Mia.
I loved this thing!


Steve and Sophie posed for me by Ella and Tyler’s new play set.



Ella looked so adorable running around in her new cape I made her.


Sophie & Mia inhaled a few pounds of cotton candy.



And last weekend it was time to party at our house for
Mia’s 6th birthday (Taylor Swift style) & Gracie’s 2nd birthday (Ducky fun!)
More pictures coming soon…….



I had to incorporate the guitar ribbon somehow so I made this fun skirt for Mia to wear!
I will have a tutorial coming up in the next few days on how to make one of your own. 
It was so easy and super cute on her!

Hope your summer is a smorgasbord of fun, just as ours has been so far!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meet the Newest "Pink Panther”


A few weeks ago Mia had her first softball game ever.
This was a very big deal for our family as softball/baseball is such a tradition for us.

My three sisters and I played our entire lives.
Every summer. Every weekend. All through college.
It was our family’s life.

My husband Steve and his two brothers all played baseball growing up. Steve continued on and played throughout college.


All smiles on the way to the ballpark.


Warming up with Dad.


Mia’s fan club.
My Aunt Pat, Gracie, Sophie and my Grandma Viefhaus.

(Right this minute, as I am typing, Gracie just walked over to check out the pictures and yelled “Go Mimi!!!” She loves cheering for her sister and is very good at it after having a few years of practice cheering on her Aunt Maggie!)


Playing in the outfield.


Her first at bat….and she got a hit!
Love that her stance is identical to mine.


Her first trip around the bases.


Sophie and Gracie cheering on their big sister.


My sister Adie came up with her hubby & son and brought the famous wagon.
We put Sophie to work and she pulled Meade and Gracie around for awhile.


On deck taking a few practice swings.


And finally, after a big win, she got her very first post-game SLUSHIE

Mia’s first game brought back so many memories of me and my sisters running around after our games, in the warm summer air.
It especially hit home since Mia’s playing at the same ballpark where my sisters and I grew up playing.

There is nothing better than spending a summer evening at the ballpark, eating popcorn, and hearing the crack of the bat hit the ball.


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