Friday, July 30, 2010

A Before and After (Kids)


Marta Steve first real date

In 2000.
We were young and carefree.
I had very few wrinkles and Steve had a head full of hair.



But after having tiny Mia Adeleigh in 2004….


Sophia Grace in 2006….

and Grazia Marie in 2006….

marta and steve 31st birthday 2010

this is what you get in 2010.

Two very happy parents.
(Knowing we are months away from NEVER buying a diaper again!!!)
With less hair and more wrinkles.
Just the way it’s supposed to be.

Happy a happy weekend!


Kimmie said...

You are even MORE gorgeous now!!!! (And your family is just the CUTEST!)

Wendy said...

Beautiful! And yes, just the way it is suppose to be!

Tegan | Celebrate Twelve13 said...

I love this post. Such an encouragement to parents who cannot even see each other right now through mounds of laundry and piles of dishes... :)

Erin Burns said...

Your Bald Hubby.

SRSLY. Hautest Family Evah.

Casey said...

Your just as beautiful now if not more than you were in 2000. Your hubbys handsome as well! your kids are amazingly stunningly cute! and You look as happy as can be.. I think thats an accomplishment. Thanks for sharing your world with us!


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