Friday, April 30, 2010

Family Road Trip #156: Purdue

Last weekend we hit the road again for another
family trip to watch my sister Maggie play softball.
This trip: Lafayette, Indiana at Purdue University.

Driving through downtown.
The girls love waving to the arch.

After 4 hours in the car Friday night,
a stay overnight at a hotel in Illinois,
re-packing the car Saturday morning & then driving
the final hour to the Purdue campus.
We arrived at Purdue!

Happy to finally be out of the car & excited to see Mags!

My girls and their cousin Meade.
Ready to cheer on the Wolverines!

Haley, Ella & Tyler have arrived!

Sophie wore this pink crown all weekend.
She said it was good luck.

My hubby, Steve, focused on the game.

We took a few breaks under the bleachers.
To run free & get the ants out of their pants.
A sister hug pose.

Go Michigan!

Way to go Maggie!
Michigan wins!

Gracie & Maggie after the game.

Maggie and I before heading out to dinner.

A cute shot of Gracie & Tyler smiling at Grandpa in Borders

After dinner, our crazy loud family took over a Borders
which happened to be right next to the restaurant.
6 adults & 5 crazy kids ready to party.
(Adie & Meade didn't go as they were at the hospital with little Meade.
He randomly spiked a high 104 fever.... he was fine though thank goodness)
We were loud & people may or may not have been staring at us.

The next day.... RAIN DELAY in the car.
Not fun with three super antsy & bored girls.

Finally, after several hours of waiting, it was game time at last!

Mia & Ella cheering on Maggie.

*Note the ring pop.
These beauts gave us several minutes of peace & quiet to
allow us to actually watch the game rather than the flying Cheerios,
chucked toys & tippy tappy toes on the bleachers.

Meade loved his!

Cheerios in hotel cups was my motto.

Grandpa helped out so much by teasing them all a time or two :)

Sophie & Gracie at the fence.

"I can see Maggie!"

The Viefhaus clan.

Gracie fell asleep in the last inning.

Game over.
Another Michigan win!
Congrats Maggie!

Waving bye to Maggie & her team bus!

So cute!

On the road again....
Sophie was not impressed,
but she still had her good luck crown on!

On our way home, I had to snap a picture of this enormous cross.
It's on an Illinois highway & we pass it every time we are headed back home.
It's pretty at night all lit up.
Not that you could tell by this picture with my lame camera.

We made it home safely & have already started planning for another road trip soon.
You can just call us the Haus of (TRAVELING) Girls + one husband for now.....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lime Green with Envy

Last night my girls had dance class pictures.
It was a crazy house trying to get them ready:
stockings on,
dresses on,
make up on,
& hair up with the flying saucers in place.

All while trying to care for the other 4 cuties,
changing diapers, getting them snacks,
as their parents were arriving to pick them up!
(Earlier than normal I might add which helped
me tremendously & allowed me to get there on time.)
Yay for that!
I am never on time.

Mia was "itchy" and wasn't impressed with the flying saucer.
But I finally got a smile.
Bunny teeth & all.
(Her two front teeth are both about to fall out!!!)

Sophie loved the pretty dress.
She kept twirling around as we were getting ready.

The green girls rocking on the front porch.

A cute close-up shot of my girls together.

I am trying to cherish the fact that my girls are in the same class.
Enjoying the lime green matchy cuteness.

This may never happen again, as Mia will most likely
advance into the next level and age group if
she decides to dance next year.

Mia and Sophie.
Lovin' the lime.
Lovin' each other.

Monday, April 26, 2010

the good old days: College Softball Alumni Weekend!

Back in the day I played College Softball.
At Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.
Best college ever.
Especially if you are in to Halloween riots.

We recently had our SIU-C Softball Alumni Weekend back
in Carbondale & I wanted to share some fun pics with you all.
Over 70+ years of SIU softball players were invited.
It was a blast to go back & reminisce about the good old days.....
great friends & fabulous memories.

Me & my sister Adie
Starting the night off at our old stomping ground,
My twin sisters, Adie & Haley went to SIU as well,
(they were freshmen when I was a Senior!!)
& crazy enough, Haley ended up marrying the OWNER of
this Pub that we spent so many fun nights in college.
Is this not so crazy?!
Kind of like a soap opera.... so try to keep up!

A group shot Friday night at Pinch.
From the left: Me, Julie, Erin, Adie, Tahira & Karrie

Tahira, (who my girls now call Princess Tiana)
Julie & I posing at Pinch.

We migrated out to our favorite patio.
My dad was snapping away for me.....Hysterical.

No one is ready, yet my dad kept snapping away.

Tahira, My sis Adie, & my Mom in the back!
Rat, Julie and myself.

Much better!

Now one with Andrea.

"Scared" or was this "Surprised?!"
Rat's idea.

And then a plain, old fashioned SMILE shot with Rat.

My mom & dad, of course, joined in on the fun!
Randy & Onda, aka RONDA thanks to Rat.
(Since my sister Haley still lives in Carbondale, where we
went to college, it's so great that we get to make these
family road trips back so frequently to visit Haley
and her husband Jimmy & their two cuties Ella & Tyler.
It's a family affair every time & so much fun!)

The next day at the SIU-C softball game.
Haley made my girls custom SIU Softball T-Shirt Dresses.
Are you kidding me?
So dang cute!
(Even though my girls would not look at the camera!)

All of the softball alumni were announced & walked
out onto their incredible new field, that was built
when my sisters were still playing there. Lucky girls.

Class of 2001.
From left...
Julie (my friend since 3rd grade) in yellow, Rat, the greatest person ever,
(especially if you are in to getting made fun of quite often)
me & then the cute & pregnant Erin!

Saturday night, before the dinner at Copper Dragon.

I love this picture of my sister Adie & her hubby Meade.

Me & Karrie. Roomies my senior year.

Rat, my sister Hales, Me & Jules.

(By the way, how cute is my shirt? Go visit my friend Erin
& have her whip you up one. She's incredible!)

Julie wiping down a few sweat drips for Rat.

Rat, was of course making fun of my necklace I made, & decided it
looked like OLIVES.
She was pretending to take a bite of them right off of Adie.

Tahira & Haley reminiscing with our coach, Kerri.

After dinner we watched a video of clips from the past 70 years.
Here is a shot of me at bat.

My sister Haley in action at third base.

And my sister Adie gunning someone out from behind the plate!

A cute group shot towards the end of the night.

It was a busy fun-filled weekend as the next day was Tyler's Baptism.

The cutie girls posing in church.

After lunch we headed up the water tower to take a look.
You can see 4 or 5 different states I believe.

Then, we packed up & made the two hour trip back home.
(We accidentally stopped to get some frozen custard.)

One of the best weekends ever!

Road trip, Family, Old Friends, Tyler's Baptism,
All you can eat fried chicken, mashed potatoes,
green beans, corn & of course, frozen custard.

What could be better than that?!


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