Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Giveaway for a Great Cause

You MUST go HERE today!
{And winning wouldn't be so bad either!}

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Dress Sneak Peek

You may remember last year's Easter Bunny photo filled with Disco Dots.....

And it looks like this year may be just as colorful!
This year, on one of our frequent trips to JoAnn's, I let the girls pick out their
own fabric for their Easter dresses.
Of course they picked the super fun Charlie Brown fabric.
So I grabbed some polka dots I thought would go with it.
After I got it home, I realized I would have another Easter full of
bold and bright blondies!

This morning Sophie modeled the dress/top I made for her before heading
up to Preschool for her Easter egg hunt & program.
She was not enthused and gave me some sketchy smiles.

So, as usual, I bribed her with these.

And thus a friendly(ish) smile.

Here is the back of Sophie's dress/top.
Don't you just love this cuteness?
It is the "Faith" pattern from Aimee' at Sew Sensible.
She is super sweet and has the cutest patterns that are easy for beginners, like me, to make.

Gracie Lou was my assistant this morning & wanted to pose (for candy) as well.
I am freaking out that her hair is FINALLY
long enough to do (somewhat) pigtails!
This is a big deal in my bald home.

Gracie was excited to play with Booty cat and get outside in the sunshine!
(70's today and 80 tomorrow & Thursday! Holla!)

Finally she got the chance to wear these fun
sandals she's been eyeing for weeks.
All she said all morning was "Petty Shoes."

I am so excited for Springtime & can't believe how fast time is flying. Easter is on Sunday. This SUNDAY.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Don't Make Me Sing

My sisters and I have a teeny tiny obsession with all things Saturday Night Live.

More specifically, all things Kristen Wiig.
She is CRAZY funny.
We imitate her constantly.
Because we are 13 and all.
All 13 year olds act out SNL skits in their free time.
Don't judge.

We first started stalking Kristen when she began playing "Penelope," the one-upper.
I know you can all relate to the hilarity of when someone has to out do you in certain situations.
For example, you may say, "I have the worst headache today."
They might respond by saying, "You have a headache?! I have had a headache now for 4 days straight!"
Isn't this the worst?!

Kristen brings light to the one-upper in the video below. Watch it & try not to cry from laughing so hard.....

Then came along the "Target Lady."
So. Funny.
I pee my pants every time I watch her play this character......
(Please note my sister Adie does a spot on impersonation of Target Lady!"

And finally, our latest LOVE on SNL.
"Don't Make Me Sing Girl"
This character is phenomenal on so many levels.
Her hand gestures? The best. Her voice? Perfection.
So 1920's.
Listen how she says, "I have no choice, their making me sing."
Watch and love.
Your welcome.

Is she not the best?!
So funny! And I didn't even include my other characters I love of hers.
Gilly, which my girls love and also perform, and when she plays Kathie Lee Gifford on the Today Show.
I will save those for another post.

So now, the next time you hear me and my sisters acting these skits out, you still may think we are acting like crazy 13 year olds, but at least you will now know where we are getting our great material from.

Don't make me sing....

Have a happy Monday!

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Sister Maggie is 22!

Happy Birthday to my most favorite non-twin sister,
A very fun year if I remember correctly.
Enjoy every minute!

Here is Maggie back in 1990.
Is she not the cutest 2.5 year old you have ever laid eyes on?
(Don't be jealous of how cute me and my other two sisters, the dice,
were as well....
My mom was SO creative.
Dice & jailbirds.
The. Best. Ideas. Ever.
Make a note for next year.
My friend Julie was my jailbird buddy and her brother Aaron was a devil.
The good old days!)

I remember, like it was yesterday, being in Mrs. Clifton's 3rd grade
classroom when the announcement came over the intercom system.
"We want to congratulate Marta on her brand new baby sister!"
That was March 20, 1988.
Time flies....

Here she is in her USA jersey last year.

Signing some autographs after a home game.

Giving Mia a hug after a game.
(Mia adores her and wants to be just like Maggie one day!)

Maggie with some fans in Venezuela.

Celebrating the 4th of July back in 2008!

Even though Maggie has been gone a lot during my girls' lives,
it seems like she has been there for everything.
When I was looking through pictures, she is in so many!

Like in this one....
Mia's 4th birthday day.
We went to lunch at Lion's Choice & we on our way to the Magic House!

Gracie may or may not think she is her other mom.

And she teaches Mia how to *model* like a superstar.

Maggie is the greatest sister ever and I know I can tell her anything.
She always gives me advice, even though I am 8 years older than her.
She is funny, kind and the most spoiled of ALL of us sisters.

Mags & her cute boyfriend, Austin.
(My girls may or may not LOVE him like a second dad.)

Here is a recent pic of a trip me and the twins took to visit Maggie up in Michigan.

This is her last year and we are all so proud of all of her accomplishments!
We can't wait to watch her final season games as she finishes her softball career!
Go Maggie!

I hope you had the BEST birthday ever!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Happened to Ariel's Mom?

Thanks to the stomach flu, aka DISEASE, I have been a little absent in blogville.
We are almost all 100% back to normal.
My back and neck hurt from folding laundry, but I shouldn't complain.
We have our health back and there is nothing more important.

I thought I would pop in and quickly share a funny story from this morning.....

On the way to take Mia to school this morning the girls and I had an interesting conversation.
As usual.

It went something like this...

Sophie: "What happened to Ariel's mom? How come we never see her in
the Little Mermaid movie?"
Mia: "I don't think she had a mom Soph."
Sophie: "EVERYONE has a mommy!"

Me: "Well, girls, maybe she was sick......"
Sophie: ".....and she probably went to SEA HEAVEN."
Me: "That may be true Sophie. You are very smart."

Mia: "Well, maybe there was an Earth QUICK under water?"
Me: "Maybe Mia. Those Earth QUAKES are dangerous. We will never know I guess what really happened to her. We will just have to use our imaginations."
I think they used plenty of imagination on this five minute drive to school.
I live for chats like these.
Have a wonderful and healthy Tuesday everyone!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sophie's Princess & the Frog Party

We celebrated Sophie's actual birthday with pizza & Subway cookies.
Her requests.

We sang to her she blew out her "4" candle with such joy.

Look at that grin!

Then a few days later the party fun began, Princess & the Frog style....

The welcoming front door.
(I may or may not be obsessed with my new craft hobby of cutting VINYL!)
I made some fun frogs using Ashley's image.
(Don't be jealous that they are super crooked.)

Our back patio door had some froggy love as well.

Beautiful Princess Tianna balloons.

I made some fun froggy cupcakes!

And some other fun green ones with my friend Mel's super cute cupcake toppers!

We offered tasty frog eggs.

Also on the menu was:
Louisiana Po' Boys
Bayou Broccoli
Mama Odie's Red Beans and Rice
Cajun Cornbread
Mardi Gras Mashed Potatoes
Princess Tianna's Famous Salad

A shot of a FEW of the cuties at Sophie's party.
(We counted at the end of the night and the grand total was 15!!!)

From left to right: Gracie, Birthday Sophie, Meade, Ella, Mia and Lily

My sister's Haley and Adie with their cutie boys Tyler & Meade

Daddy and Sophie before dinner

Sophie randomly went and sat by the presents at one point. So patient :)


Let the games begin....first present!!!

The annual cake pose!

Happy Birthday to you....

The bucket I made to fill with the favors.

The fun favors. Exploding frog soaps!

And the last picture of the night after everyone left the party.
One tired Mama and Sophie.

What a FUN day for a fun froggy lovin' four year old!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day 2010

Wishing you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sophie posing after preschool with her fab hat & necklace she made.

Modeling with her shamrock shirt I made the girls.

Mia was ready to go this morning in her shamrock tee.

And a sneak peek of our crazy fun trip to Louisville, Kentucky to watch my sister Maggie play softball! Go Michigan! They won all four games.

More pics coming soon.........

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Favorite Twin Sisters

Happy Birthday to Adie & Haley!!!
(sorry it's a day late!)
You are the best twin sisters a girl could ever ask for.
I thank God that he gave me two amazing best friends that I could
always look up to, even though you were almost three years younger than me.
When I was little,
I always wanted to be just like you.
I always wanted to show you off to everyone.
I thought, look at my cute, kind, TWIN sisters.
I am the luckiest girl in town.
I was always SO proud of you.
And proud to be your big sis.

Without you two I would have no idea what NOT to wear.
Or what songs I should NOT sing out loud.
Thank you for always making both so clear.

Thank you for always making me strive to be a better person.

You have both accomplished so much and should be so proud of yourselves.
(Boy's Club Moms Rule!!!)

Here's to many many more fun years of making memories.
Happy 28th Birthday!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sophie is 4 Today!

We can not believe our little Sophie is four today.
Or that it's already the year 2010.
It seems like yesterday I was in the hospital awaiting her arrival.
Crazy how fast time flies.

So, I want take a look back and document our journey from then to now...

A belly shot about four weeks before she
she decided to come join us on March 4, 2006.
(My due date wasn't until March 31st!)

Mia loved her sister from the very beginning.

Welcome to the world Miss Sophia Grace.

This is one of my all time favorite photos that I took of the new sisters.
Nothing better that a "sister squeeze" in my opinion.

This was my new life.
No help.
No breaks.
Just Crazy. Loud. Beautiful. Chaos.

Quickly one year went by.....

Sophie's first birthday cake!

Time to sing!

Her first bite of cake.

On her actual birthday!
March 4, 2007

Then in a flash, it was 2008....

and it snowed on her 2nd birthday!

We had a fun day of playing outside!
IT was "snow" fun!

Her selected Dora cake!


And of course a pinata!

Sophie on her actual 2nd birthday!
March 4, 2008

Then, before I knew it, she was three.

(This was the topic of my VERY first (lame) blog post almost one year ago!)

Her Barbie and the Diamond Castle Cake.

Twirling in her Tutu!

On her actual 3rd birthday.
March 4, 2009

And here she is today!
Age 4
March 4, 2010

(Please don't look at my bare bedroom walls! However, any color ideas are welcomed! Was thinking of a blue?!)

She let me spice things up by curling her cute hair.
Because what birthday isn't a little more fun with curls?!

Happy Birthday to our Silly So-Mo!

We love you so!


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