Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I should be in Holland right now


Remember THIS post about my California girls?
Well, they are all gathered in Northern California as I type.
Without me.
Sad Face.

They named it their “Holland Trip” due to the fact that Holla, as we so joyfully
love to shout, was auto edited to Holland.
Love it.


Julie and Mel pose, back in December, during our Project 320 weekend.


Heather making some cupcakes.
She is the best baker ever.



Erin, our hostess with the mostess, and Julie.

I read THIS over at Julie’s blog today and had to smile.
Like she says, meeting five fabulous women and accomplishing such
an amazing task such as
building a well, is definitely everything that
is good about these here internets.


A holla group shot at breakfast.

So have fun my dear hollas.
Eat lots o’ crack for me as I sit here in the Lou, in the 98 degree steamy
humidity, eating some lame plain string cheese instead of Blue
Cheese Crack.
So. Jealous.

However, Julie, please be careful not to spill too many drinks on anyone.


And you better let me know ASAP if you run into the bar room sewist
or any 25/75 year olds up that way.
I heard there are several in that area.



JuliaVP said...

I'm so bummed for you that you cannot join them! Are you all by any chance going to build another well sometime soon?

I hope that you can join them at their next reunion. It's so hard to be far away sometimes.

Beth said...

shut up, shut up, shut up! you live in the lou?!?!? how did i miss this? long time creeper of your lil' ole blog. i, too, live in this heat trap. my heart is smiling that you live here! sorry you have to miss out on 'holland'. boo. :(

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

We prentended you were with us every second :(
Next time we will have you kidnapped if that's what it takes!

Jules said...

I promise you. Totally promise that I cried that you weren't there. It was so fun, but truly, honestly, awfully sad that you were missing. Dumb 314. Kidnapping for sure next time. Fo sho.

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Missed you so much, Marta!! It was fun, but definitely not the same. I vote for Holland in the Lou in 2011.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

we missed you SO, SO, SO much.
I needed my fellow tall girl there with me do the fist pump. You WILL be at the next one!
Love you & miss you!


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