Friday, August 20, 2010

Must. Paint. Bedroom. I Need Your Help!

Since moving into our new home almost four years ago, we have managed
to paint every room in our entire house.
Except one.
The master bedroom.

I have been waiting to find the right color.
Cheery, yet not too bright.
Calming, yet not too sleepy.
Happy, yet not too childish.
See my dilemma?

Thanks to one of my faves, Julie, I heard about “Surfer” by Behr.
Ever since she told me about it I have been trying to confirm that it’s the route
I want to go in our bedroom
It’s a pretty big room and I do not want to have to repaint it twelve times if
you know what I mean.
And by paint, I mean watching my husband paint because he does not allow
me to do it. I just assist.
He feels he has better painting skills.
And guess what, I act really annoyed about this situation, but the fact
is I am so happy!!! I hate to paint. Hatey hate hate it.
I would rather clean out the kitty litter box twenty times before painting a huge room.
Can you say boring?
Kitty litter boxes are way more exciting.

So if you wouldn’t mind, check out the fun blues below.
I would love to get other’s opinions, given it’s such a major and serious topic. (Ha!)

bedroom paint

And just to get a feel, my bedroom furniture is vintage and painted
black and we have a black wrought iron bed and nightstands from Pier One.
Basic and nothing special.
Exactly why I feel the walls need to have a fabulous color!

So, what do you all think?
Should it be the original fave, Surfer?
Or do you think another color is a better choice?

Thank you in advance for your decorating help.
You better believe I need all I can get.

Have a great weekend!


LauraC said...

Here is my assvice! We just painted two rooms in our house blue. It looked so different on the walls than it did on the little strip. So see if you can get a sample size and paint a big splotch on the wall.

Stephanie said...

I like that the Surfer color is blue without being too bright - very calming for the bedroom! I also like the Hallowed Hush, but it may be more gray than you're hoping for?

How fun!

Jaime said...

Our master bedroom is painted a very similar color of blue as the surfer one and I LOVEY love, love it! It's been two years and I'm still not sick of it! And, don't laugh, but I have three rooms in my house painted "rivers edge" which are my sewing/craft studio, kids bathroom and my soon to be daughters room. It's bright and cheery and looks lighter in a bigger room and more concentrated (like a true turquoise) in the smaller bathroom.

There ya have it! I totally understand about not wanting to repaint a bazillion times. I have painted our family room twice! Still not settled on it....;)

Allison B said...

I love Surfer (and Joy's Hope) but I prefer lighter for a bedroom...cuz I find strong colors are energizing and I like relaxing vs energizing for my bedroom. Our old master bedroom was "Dewy" by Sherwin Williams (I tried several stronger/brighter colors before a friend recommended Dewy) and I LOVED's probably close to "Soar" on your list. I think the lighter color will allow your black furniture to "pop." I'd recommend getting a sample size of a few options and painting a 3ftx3ft patch of each color on your BR wall...the paint swatches are always deceiving. I've also learned that even the same paint color looks very different in one room to the next (several of our rooms are the same color - Sedate Grey by Sherwin Williams - but it looks greyish in some rooms and greenish in others.)
Good luck! :)

Tegan | Celebrate Twelve13 said...

I'm not gonna lie, Surfer is pretty sweet. Good luck! I would totally come over and help paint if I could. :)

Tanya @ Life in 3D said...

I am SO very bad at decisions like this that I looked at those chips and wanted to run away...seriously. Good luck with your choice! :)

Four Fit Sisters said...

I like the top 2 rows of colors. Lighter is better than too bright in your big room. It always looks darker on the walls than the strip seems! Lighter seems calmer to me!

Anonymous said...

Fresh water for sure!! Saw the color in a bedroom on the blog House of was lovely!

Jules said...

Surfer is my fave... obvees... but it is sort of crazy for a bedroom. I'm not going to lie. I wanted the same "I'm so crazy that even my bedroom is turquoise" vibe without the electricness that is my downstairs. November Skies is my boyfriend. It is way more soothing, but gorgeous. It rocks it with the bright white trim and our chocolate brown furniture.
Bring it.

meg duerksen said...

i like aqua spray.
just a bit more subtle than surfer.
but not much.

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

haha! our bedroom is aqua breeze - loved it on the paint strip, not a fan on our walls :( Looks too icy or something. I vote Hallowed Hush

Carrie said...

I almost think I'd go a tad lighter then Surfer... but that is just me. :o)-


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