Friday, August 27, 2010

The Big C

A few weeks ago I saw the trailer for a brand new series that would be airing soon on Showtime.
I thought to myself, that looks like something right up my alley.
However, we don’t have Showtime.
Never have.

Then, out of the blue, we received a coupon in the mail from DIRECTV for three free months of Showtime.
Perfect timing! 
Two nights ago, I finally found time to watch the Pilot episode.
It was so fantastic.
And, as I suspected, I bawled. Like a crazy person.
Steve told me to get some tissue. 
He loved it too.

Immediately after I watched the Pilot, I had to
watch the second episode.
Thank goodness for TiVo, and coffee the next morning, as it was 12:30 am when I started it.

The second episode was even better.
And, by the end, I was bawling my eyes out.

I knew I would be touched by this kind of a series from the moment I watched the trailer. I have always, since I can remember, been a very sentimental and emotional person.
AKA-  sappy baby.

I can remember growing up and always making it a point to hold on to certain memories and special times that I knew I would want to cherish forever.
I remember telling myself, during especially fun times or a special moment with my mom, dad or sisters,  when I was little, “I must never forget this. Remember it forever.”

And that is just what I did.
I stored the memory away and I can tell you each and every one of those special moments from growing up. 
Some were simple conversations.
Some were big celebrations.
Who does this at age 5, 7 or 10?
Crazy me.

And now, any issues that deal with someone flashing back and revisiting precious memories that they have experienced, has always touched me. 
For example, the movies Ghost, Sweet November, The Notebook, and don’t even get me started on Field of Dreams.

I can’t tell you how many times, in my life, that I have imagined myself as an 88 year old woman looking back on my youth and raising my babies…knowing it will, one day, be over.
I realize I am truly blessed to be LIVING.
My life.
My dream.
Right now.

Here is the Big C Trailer:
(Make sure to pause the music on your left!)

After watching this show, I am even more aware of how precious time and life are and how it sometimes takes rough times to remind us of this.
I feel so blessed and happy that I get to spend each precious day with my girls. 
Every minute of every second of every day with them.
Just being.

Happily experiencing our lives together.  
Making messes, eating popsicles in bed, having dance parties, catching frogs, drawing with sidewalk chalk and hiding from the tickle monster.
These are the memories I am creating for them.
But words cannot express my gratitude to my girls for the priceless joyful memories that they giving to ME.

Memories that will shape my life. 
A life that I will look back on when I’m 88 and smile.
Maybe a teary smile, as I know I will wish and pray to go back and live it again, although in my heart, I will realize it can’t happen. 

When I do look back, I will know that family is all that mattered. My biggest blessing.
My relationships will be what mattered most.
Not my stained couch.
Not my new jewelry.
Not my fancy shoes. 
Only my memories.

I want to live each day reminding myself of this.
Because watching the Big C, I was reminded, that your time on Earth is not guaranteed.
None of us know how long we have.
So live life to the fullest and never take any moment for granted.

Now, who’s coming over for a couch-burning-bonfire tonight?


*Here is the full first episode (edited) if you have time to watch it all :)


LauraC said...

I will definitely be watching this when it comes out on Netflix! No showtime here either.

Love this post and you are SO RIGHT. THat is why I blog. I was so sleep deprived the first year that I mostly remember the stuff I wrote down.

TJ, Kaylan, Miles, Perry & Simon said...

After I read your post, I checked and I have Showtime. So then I told my husband to tape it from now on so I could watch it. Lucky for me, we have the on demand, so I could go back and watch the first episode. The second one isn't up yet, but hopefully I can watch it soon. I am glad you posted about this b/c I really do like the show!

The funny thing is that my husband has taped and watched the first two episodes because he just thought he would see what it was about. He never told me about it, though, so I'm so glad you did!!!!


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