Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Four Sister's Trip to Michigan

I feel so blessed to have three sisters.
God knew I needed sisters.
Three best friends for life.
They are the only three people that I can trust to help me
in so many areas I am CLUELESS about.
Hard to believe, but there are several.....hundred.
(like if the coat I am wearing looks like my husbands....keep reading you will understand)

Me and my sisters have talked, on several occasions, about
what growing up with three other girls did for us.
We grew up learning how to share everything under the sun.
Clothes, shoes, food, beds, make-up, PARENTS!

We believe it's made us who we are today.
We learned how to be happy for each other.
And other women in our lives.

We have talked about our friends who don't have sisters and how
different it must have been for them.
To be the ONLY girl in the house.
So incredibly different.
No make-up or bras to share.
They got everything new and it was all theirs.
They never had to share any milestone that a girl has growing up.

We know we were given each other for a reason and feel so
lucky that we never had to hope to find true friends like some girls may.
We never had to search for a best friend.
We have always had each other.

And thankfully, being one of four girls has made us who we are today.
Four crazy girls who know how to share happy times and moments,
clothes, make-up and bras,
while being proud of each other's accomplishments.
I am truly thankful for all of the unique attributes that
each one of us bring into each other's lives.

And now, a few pics from our recent GIRL'S WEEKEND trip to Michigan to visit the youngest sister, Maggie.

(She was recently selected as one the the USA Softball's Top 50 players to watch this season.... you can read about it here! We are so proud of her!!)

Welcome Viefhaus sisters!

Haley and Maggie as we were getting ready to head out for our first night of fun.

Haley, Mags and Adie

Group shot!
We NEVER get these with Maggie gone so much!
Love this one.
Thankfully, Maggie asked me to take off "Steve's" coat prior to posing.
Too bad it wasn't Steve's, it was MINE.

On our way!
Love this one!
Look out!


Maggie and her friend Adam.


Leaving our first stop.

I could NOT walk in Maggie's heels.
After I insisted, while getting ready, that I liked "this kind of heel!"

A workout session the next morning....
we all did Jillian's Shred following this.
Then we ate Enchiladas.

Showing the evil heels I wore the night before.
So wobbly.

Getting ready for night #2.

Me and Ads

Me and Hales

Three out of four.

All four for another group shot.

We arrived at a real live dance club.
Hilarious, as I am 30 years old friends.

Twins shot!

The softball dance

Maggie may or may not have gotten on stage to perform Single Ladies.

After the club.
Quickie Burger I believe was the name?

Good thing Maggie let me borrow BLUEBERRY since we had to walk 3 miles in the FRIGID cold Michigan weather. With NO coat mind you!

Heading home on the plane.

Look who else loved BLUEBERRY!
When I got home Gracie had to try it on :)
Thanks for letting me borrow it Maggie and we will miss you!
Thank you so much for having all three of us up to visit you, and thus, forcing me to get on a plane, yet again, and endure a few more mini panic attacks.
It was well worth it!
See you soon!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You Must Watch This Video (and then throw your potato peeler away forever)

I am just going to warn you about this heaven-sent You Tube Video
you are about to watch. It will probably make you want to be my
best friend forever for sharing it with you.

But, only because my mom sent it to me.
So actually, you should be thanking her for sending in my way.
So feel free to give a shout out to Onda in the comment section....

Alright, get ready to be so excited to never have to use a potato peeler ever again.
I know I sure am.
And so is my hubby Steve.

If it weren't so annoyingly time consuming, and if I
had a peeler that actually worked and didn't make me bleed,
I would make him his MASHED POTATOES, that he lives for, more often.

Now I will.
And I think you will too.
(Be sure to scroll down and hit pause on music so you can hear!)

Holla to Onda for sharing!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Did You Do All Day?

Don't you just LOVE this question?
What did you do all day?
I know I sure do.

I don't think my husband Steve has ever asked this is the negative connotation, that can easily be interpreted by the multi-tasking, over achieving, stressed out and exhausted Mom of three, but sometimes I feel like saying, "Well, honey cakes, what DIDN'T I do today?"

But I do not.

Instead I try to give him all the details that he missed out on during our amazing day together.

I tell him how caught Gracie dancing to the rhythm of our black lab Gussie drinking her water.

And how we played "Get You" for an hour and that this entails me saying, "Gracie, I'm going to get you!" And then her repeating back to me, "GET YOU!" over and over again while smiling ear to ear running around the living room.

And I can't forget about the cute fact that for approximately two hours she said "Your Velcome" every time I handed her something instead of thank you.

I also tell him how Sophie said to me, "Mommy, tickle my neck!" Then when I did she giggled, "Daddy do's that to me all the time."

And then I fill him in that Sophie hurt her "nickle" today. And when he asks me what that means I will explain that she pointed to her ankle when she said, "Ouch, Mom, I hurt my nickle!"

I also tell him that when we opened up the special cat food that Santa left for Booty Cat Sophie took a sniff and said, "Wow, that smells like steak!"

I can't forget to explain to him how bright Mia is and how she can read about 100% more words than she could last week.

And how she sat at the kitchen table doing a Kindergarten workbook for an hour smiling at her accomplishments.

I will tell him how she is so proud of doing her daily chore of taking care of our dogs and eagerly asks me if it's time to feed them dinner.

I am so excited to fill him in about her AWESOME new song she is learning in Kindergarten that has her reciting every single President of the United States in order!

But this particular day, when he came home and said, "What did you do all day?" I was able to give him a glimpse with these fun pictures I took in the late morning.

They were playing in their hot spot, the landing between two sections of stairs leading up to our second floor.

They were smiling.
Loving one another.

This picture is my favorite and I feel it completely summarizes my life at this very moment.
Three crazy blondes.
Loving each other.
There is nothing better.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Life is Like a Box of........


Indeed, in our family, yes, life is like a box of babies.

You never know which one will be flying around the frozen pond all bundled up so tight that they can barely move.

So typical for our family.

My mom and dad's little pond froze last weekend due to the week of non-stop below zero wind chill weather. Steve and I packed up the three stooges for a fun day of ice skating.

The trek in the snow down to the pond begins.

Adie helps assist Mia.

We made it!

Let the fun begin!

(See the bonfire my parent's made across the pond?!)

Meade was so cute sliding into the splits position.

Love it!

My dad then had the brilliant idea to put the little ones in a random box that happened to be down by the pond.
Gracie was a little squished.

She was peering at Grandpa.

Daddy and Gracie pose.

Steve is a pro skater, as he played hockey in high school.
He was able to blaze around the ice holding the girls spinning them all around.
They loved it!

Adie borrowed my hot figure skates for some fun.

Another shot of Gracie skating with Dad.

Grandpa decided to hold Gracie's hood like a leash since she thought it was acceptable to RUN on the ice rather than walk.

Snow Angels!

Super fun!

Mia posing on the perfect hill for sledding, however, we forgot the sled!

We put Mia and Sophie to work and they shoveled away.

Snow ball throw at Mom!

My mom may or may not have had to make a beverage run.
The perfect cooler.

Mommy and Sophie.

Showing my "Skilz."

And then some more.
Steve was doing my requested "twirl" with me.

Happy Winter Fun to All!


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