Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lions, Tigers and Bears

Oh My!

We had a fun trip to the Zoo a few weeks ago when my sister Haley
was in town.
I went husbandless, as Steve had to work, and besides 
the occasional “stop what you’re doing and sprint to the bathroom
because you’re potty training” episodes, the day went rather smoothly.

It was hot out. Muggy hot. 
But we still had a blast.
We picnicked and walked around with all the kids for hours.
A perfect Sunday afternoon.


The girls were so excited to see their cousin Ella, Haley’s little girl.
*Please note the hand holding situation. LOVE.

And Sophie made sure she wore her special shirt so she could get a
picture in front of the Zebras.
So. Cute.


Gracie in her giraffe dress watching Momma Giraffe walk by.


I love this picture of Sophie, Ella and Mia watching the giraffes.


My dad holding my sister Adie’s little boy, Meade.

He may or may not have been “neighing” like a horse at every animal throughout the day.
Look at Adie laughing! So cute.


Grandpa and Gracie girl.
Total buddies.


Orangutan time!


This guy was so much fun!
He kept covering up with this blanket and then peeking out at us.


Gracie was a big fan.


Mia posed by the “smelly penguins.”

Last week I made salmon for dinner and Sophie said, “Wow. This dinner
sure does smell like penguins!”


And, like always, the girls wanted to pose in front of the animal
statues that are along the path that we take to our usual parking spot.

I love this one.
Gracie’s smile. So typical.


Turtle time.
I love these blondies.


And as we headed to our car, I got one last shot of Mia and the huge rhino.
She loved this guy.

Hope you all have a Zoo-Tastic Wednesday!


Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

1) What a fun day - love the blondies!
2) The song playing on your blog makes me BAWL every time I hear it, no matter what.
3) Thanks for the runny mascara! ;)

Kat said...

Bahahahaha! "This sure does smell like penguins..." awesome. Your girls are so precious!

Kat said...

I noticed you have "Rainbow Connection" on your playlist. Sarah McLachlan has a version of that song that is amazing. You'll love it. Such a dreamy quality to it. Another favorite of mine is the House at Pooh Corner, by Kenny Loggins, love it.


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