Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crazy For Dayzz



My crazy dayzz look like this.


Therefor, you can understand the excitement last Friday night when Steve and I headed out to a wedding at Busch Stadium.


A gorgeous night downtown.


Photo booth fun.


We even brought some Cracker Jacks home for the girls!


And although a night out on the town is fantastic, I wouldn’t trade anything for opportunity to spend my dayzz with all these smiling faces.  I feel truly blessed.



I’ve been a nap time and 1 am worky-cat to keep up with all my bucket orders.
Once again, I feel so blessed. 



Blessed to create these custom favors for some special boy or girls’ birthday party, all while providing for my family from the comfort of my bedroom while chillin’ in my yoga pants. 


I cranked out a few rush orders the past few days and I just love these Spooktacular pumpkin buckets, which are all personalized with each child’s name.  Perfect to collect goodies during all the class parties.


And these polka dot buckets are my new fave.


What’s not my fave? Dropping my NEW $.99 iphone 4 in this giant mug o’ coffee.
Horrible start to one of my dayzz.  Horrible I tell ya!

The good news? It was a $.99 phone.
The bad news? I’m going to be so lost without a phone until I get a new one.
Send Diet Coke….. or candy!


And if no Diet Coke or candy arrive today, I’ll just force Gracie to put this outfit on when she gets home from Preschool and I’ll immediately smile and forget all about my dumb iPhone 4. 

Happy Dayzz to you!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beach Vacay- Part 3.

As I sit and type this, the cool fall air is bellowing in through my bedroom windows, however, I can’t help but long for the salty hot air that engulfed our family for an entire week back  in July.

The sand, waves, and memories of our first family beach vacation will forever bring tears in my eye.
I hope that a beach vacay will become an annual tradition for Steve and I, along with our three blondies.

Beach Vacation 2012 009Beach Vacation 2012 021

Donuts on the beach. 

Beach Vacation 2012 022Beach Vacation 2012 024Beach Vacation 2012 025

The girls hopped up in this lifeguard tower for a photo. 
I never noticed Sophie’s cute binocular pose until weeks after we got home.  Seriously adorable. 

Beach Vacation 2012 027

Their first time seeing a Sea Turtle nest.

Beach Vacation 2012 032Beach Vacation 2012 019

One of my favorite photos from our trip.

Beach Vacation 2012 033

Our surfer girl.


Beach Vacation 2012 035

Our last night in Alabama called for a little impromptu photos session on the beach with mom.


Beach Vacation 2012 036Beach Vacation 2012 040Beach Vacation 2012 044Beach Vacation 2012 045Beach Vacation 2012 049Beach Vacation 2012 053


Beach Vacation 2012 054


Beach Vacation 2012 055


Beach Vacation 2012 064Beach Vacation 2012 066Beach Vacation 2012 069Beach Vacation 2012 073

Even Gracie’s beloved “Ducky” was able to join us on the beach.

Beach Vacation 2012 078

Daddy and his girls.

Beach Vacation 2012 081

The girls of Haus of Girls.

Beach Vacation 2012 083

One of the few family shots- thanks to a kind beach-walking stranger.

Beach Vacation 2012 092

Waving goodbye to the Gulf Coast. See you next summer!

Monday, September 24, 2012

thirty-five years.

vintage mom and dad

thirty-five years ago they got married.


Couples Retreat 2012 017

then had four girls.


iphone photos 1152

and taught us a lot about life.

Happy 35th Anniversary to my mom and dad!

Friday, September 14, 2012

to stay at home


i came across the most beautiful quote that made me smile.
it spoke to me perfectly as I’m at a point in my life where the crossroads are splitting into many paths.
next fall all three of my girls will be in school, all day.  and I contemplate a journey of my own for the first time since having children.

do I continue to work from home, care for children, create my fun party favor buckets and pursue my dream of writing a children’s book, or do I venture off on in a new direction and become a teacher like I feel I was meant to be? Being on the same schedule as my girls and husband, who is also a teacher, and having summers off would be my dream life for the next 30 years. 

it’s a big decision as I’ll have to take several years of graduate classes to obtain my master’s in education.  Is it worth all the time and money and student loans?  So much to think about. 

i’m not getting any younger and want to do what’s best for my family.
all I know regarding happiness is being a mommy to these three.


“When one's business is the home, measure success in smiles, pay dividends in laughter, chart revenues with wonder. When others' ventures fail and fumble, yours will flourish. And when you are old and the home is quiet, your butterfly chasers and your dress up dreamers will have a vault of memories that will make them rich.”


any advice or insight is welcomed.

Happy Friday!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fired Up Friday.

Hey everyone!
It’s Friday and I’m fired up. 
Fired up because I realize, day after day.  You can’t change people. 
Instead, I try to inspire, motivate and encourage.
But to be honest, there are times where I want to cry.
Cry because some people you cross paths with don’t have similar goals.
But this quote puts things in perspective and I just love it so much:


My new fave and it’s so obvious, isn’t it?

The past few weeks have been super busy but I wanted to check in and share with you what we’ve been up to at Haus of Girls and hear what’s new with you.

I’ve been so happy snuggling with this precious newborn a few days a week as my second cousin  just recently began bringing her sweet baby girl to play at Haus of Girls a few hours during the day.



We’ve also been doing a lot of mustache wearing….



hospital visiting….


handmade scrunchie wearing and trend starting….


run challenging….



bucket creating…


toe painting…


hat stealing…


college softball days reminiscing,


traffic stopping…


nail glamming…



heart rate monitoring…


tear shedding…


and life loving.

What is new with you?


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