Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Year in Pictures: 2010


We made a Gracie sandwich.
A typical day here at Haus of Girls.

We ice skated on Mimo and Grandpa’s pond.

And celebrated New Year’s Eve at Haley and Jimmy’s house.


Three adorable little blondies accompanied Steve and I to a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

Sophie twirled.


Sophie turned four years old.


Three coordinating girls would not cooperate for a photo shoot before we visited the Easter Bunny.

We loved zebra.


We took a *chilly* road trip to watch Aunt Maggie play softball for the University of Michigan.

Mia graduated Kindergarten...

and also, leading another generation of softball players in our family, began her career.

Gracie turned two years old while we were up in Michigan (for the second time in as many weeks) watching Maggie’s final game of her softball career, all while having fifths disease along with Mia and Sophie.
Pure chaos.

Mia’s (baby bunny rabbit) front teeth were ready to come out.

So she did what any five year old would do, and pulled them out!

And that was the end of those cute baby bunny rabbit teeth.


Mia and Sophie performed in their dance recital and even got flowers afterwards from Great Grandma Viefhaus and Great Aunt Pat!

The girls had their first slumber party with their cousin Olivia.

They also saw Toy Story 3 with Mimo, Grandpa, Maggie and I.
Grandpa bought them all these fun new shirts to wear that night!


We celebrated the Fourth of July at Nana and Papa’s lake house.

Mia turned 6 years old!

My sisters and I took a before picture of us before a night out on our weekend getaway trip at Jimmy’s country club. After failing several attempts at setting the camera timer or having it in the wrong position, we finally go one that was somewhat usable.
You just can't see Adie's face at all. Wow.

And here is an after picture.
Amazing what a little makeup can do for a girl!


We spotted the biggest rainbow yet since moving into our new home three and a half years ago.

Mia decided she was going to have her second ever hair cut.
Six inches to be exact!

The result.
Ready for first grade!

At 26 months, Gracie is officially potty trained and in big girl undies full time. The earliest of all my girls. Third times a charm.

We painted on the deck.

And saw Fergie up close when celebrating Meade’s birthday.

Mia started first grade!


Sophie had her first day of four year old preschool.

We loved our cousins…


having sisters...

and even more cousins.


We headed out for the annual Rodeo fun…

and the next day had a joyful photo shoot.

A few days later Mia had her first performance as a member of the Spirit Squad.

I took advantage of the setting sun and got a few cute shots of the girls...

A random sun flare photo shoot with my lame camera = memories forever.

We picked pumpkins on our annual trip to Augusta.

Mia continued on with softball and played fall ball. She caught for the first time ever but I think Aunt Adie needs to give her some pointers!

Sophie cry-smiled before getting her ears pierced…

and we had a hayride on Halloween through our subdivision with a flamingo, Dorothy and an Equestrian champion.



Sophie earned her very first soccer medal.


We celebrated my dad’s final birthday in his 50’s with a huge bonfire...


and loved having sisters some more.


santa efpd 2010

We saw Santa and one little girl may have cried a tear or two. I’m not naming names.


We watched Sophie sing loud and proud at her preschool Christmas program.

mazzola family christmas 2010

We posed on Christmas Eve in front of my Mom and Dad’s 12 foot Christmas tree…


and then we celebrated the final day of 2010 with family at our house.

2010 was a great year and will be missed, but we sure are excited to see what 2011 will bring this Haus of Girls.

Happy new year!


Tanya @ Life in 3D said...

Great pics, great memories, great year! :)

Anonymous said...

Your family is so beautiful!
I love the crying smile of Sophie's haha - so cute.
All of these are great!

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

Love all these great photos.

Unknown said...

Such pretty smiling little girls! I hope 2011 is filled with as much joy as 2010.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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