Thursday, January 13, 2011

Leading Me All Around in Circles


Don’t you just love when you hear a song that instantly takes you back in time.
Back to the exact place you were when you used to listen to it.
Reminding you of who you were then while evoking all the exact emotions and feelings you were feeling at that time in your life.
Almost as if you are reliving them.

viefhaus sisters 2010 modeling pose

A fun picture Haley recently found on her camera of me and my sisters posing during our Country Club trip last summer.
Strike a pose.

Like the time my sisters and I ruled the school…
um….by ruled, I mean, if there happened to be a competition of who drove the most ghetto car in high school, we totally would have ruled the school in that.

Remember The Scheiss? (German for…I’m sure you can guess.)
AKA brown bomber.

What about the Maroon Missile?
AKA dead bird smell.
(However, oddly enough, it never hindered the frequent requests for rides home that I had after sports, so that was good. They just politely (manually) rolled down the window as not to gag too much on the dead bird smell. Ghetto.)

We grew up learning that life was not about things.
Cars, fancy clothes, or who had the biggest house?
We were not impressed.

My sisters and I were, however, impressed with surrounding ourselves with people who cared about us for who we were, not what we had. 
We also happened to surround ourselves with people who were fans of all things music.
We were slightly obsessed.

I remember my sisters learning all of the words to Hold My Hand, Hold My Heart from the movie That Thing You Do, as well as the entire dance routine!
Similar to
this. (We have ours on video too but I’m not sure where it is.)  They tried to teach me, but I am the worst dancer ever, so I would just follow along with them in the back row.
I have friends from high school that kindly watched our performance and they still remember it to this day!
Every time I hear this song, or any other from this movie, I am back in high school, so carefree, dancing in my living room.  

When I hear songs such as Everyday is a Winding Road by Sheryl Crow, Wannabe by the Spice Girls, You Were Meant for Me by Jewel and Hypnotize by Notorious B.I.G. I am back in high school with my sisters and friends, cruising around in the Scheiss. 

How Do I Live, by LeAnn Rimes, takes me back to my childhood home vividly hearing my dad singing while joking about my sister’s boyfriend. 
Brutal, yet hilarious.

Thriller, by Michael Jackson? I am standing in my living room doing the dance with my sisters after watching the video ten times.

And a Viefhaus family fave, Crusin. This was the first time I ever heard Gweneth Paltrow sing. We were fascinated, and I’m pretty sure that we listened to this song at least 1,000 times at our parent’s house the summer of 2000. Duets are kind of our thing.
We may or may not pretend we are singers, a lot. 

Speaking of all the music flashbacks we can all relate with, I wanted to share this video that a friend recently posted on Facebook.
It’s one of my favorite Dave Matthews song and it instantly takes me back to college. 
In a flash I am in Steve’s old apartment for a softball/baseball party celebrating someone or something.
The best times ever. One of the best songs ever.
You’re welcome.

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