Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snowy Tears


img_0114Last week we decided to make some paper snowflakes as part of our “snow dance” in hopes of increasing the girls’ chances of a snow day.
We used this
YouTube video, but ours did not turn out quite as stellar.  This, in part, is due to my awesome ability to read and follow directions.
It’s much more fun, in my opinion,  to just wing it and learn as you go!
Hence the lame snowflakes.


We strung our good luck snowflakes, all covered in glitter, above our sliding glass door.


And this is the view out of that very same sliding glass door when we woke up the next morning.
Our snowflakes worked like a charm and Mia was off for two days!
Steve and Sophie? Only one day off. Wahh wahh.


That morning Steve shoveled our driveway and chatted with his brother who was doing the same across the street.
That’s right folks, our new neighbors are Steve’s brother and his sweet girlfriend Angela. I am already counting down the days until summer and all the block parties we will have…


Gracie waved to Daddy and gave him the thumbs up as he froze outside.


Then it was time for some sledding!
But not before Mia decided to chuck a snowball right in Sophie’s face.
Sophie cried, Steve reminded them of the snowball rules, and then the sledding began


Sophie pushed Mia down our front yard slope.


Then it was Sophie’s turn.



Unfortunately, due to a few numb fingers, the sledding fun had to come to an end. 
I snapped one more picture from the front porch and in they hustled for some hot chocolate.

I live for summer, but snowball and sled filled days like this remind me of all the magical memories that I have of all the snowy fun my sisters and I had.
Memories that can take me back in time in a flash and ones that I will cherish forever.

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