Friday, January 7, 2011

Flashback Friday- Mia’s Makeup Fun



Evidently, when Mia was just a teeny tiny two year old, back in 2006, she thought she was a makeup artist.
Several times within a just a few days I might add.

Or it could have simply been the result of Steve and I having our hands a bit full with an adventurous two year old, a six month old baby, all while moving ourselves into our new home…two days after Christmas! What were we thinking?

Either way you look at it, these pictures bring back happy, messy, memories that I will cherish forever.

Happy Flashback Friday to all!


Sarah Says said...

This is hilarious! Looks like you have a makeup artist in the making :) I remember being a little girl and my mom asking me if I'd been playing with her makeup. I replied "no..." as I have lipstick all over my face!

Sami Jo said...

Hey Marta! Mia is such a doll - I have a niece her same age and they are very similar. She plays baseball and is SUPER aggressive to the point she gets SO frustated w/ the other players and she LOVES dressing up and wearing make-up and such. Her name is Bailey - such a doll. Loved your Year in pictures post too- so much fun! Sami Jo


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