Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our Version of a Hoe Down Throw Down

Every once in awhile Steve and I get to sneak away from Haus of Girls to have a night out sans kids. More often than ever before due to the fact that we have found the best babysitter we could ever dream of, Carly.

Her family recently moved here from Wisconsin and we couldn’t be more thankful for their sweet daughter who often comes and hangs out with our girls for an evening. She is a such a blessing to us, as we have always found it difficult to ask others to care for our girls just so we could do out and do something. It always felt so selfish.
Maybe because I’ve always taken care of them and feel that it’s my number one job, or maybe because we’ve always had a baby. Three babies in under four years is non stop fun but it’s also non stop diapers, bottles, learning to crawl and walk, childproofing, potty training and more.
So much to just pawn off onto others. At least it was for us.

However, Steve and I have just entered a new chapter in our lives.
A chapter than has left the cribs, diapers, childproofing and bottles in the dust. We have three potty trained, big girl bed sleeping, rule following, funny girls.
So now, it is not as difficult to ask someone to watch our girls and get a night out. Especially when you have a girl like Carly to call. She always happily walks four houses over, with her huge tub of Barbie dolls, and the girls smile from ear to ear.

This is just what happened last Saturday night.
We ventured out, without the girls, to a yummy Mexican restaurant with my parents, their good friends of over 30 years Janet and Nelson, along with their hilarious son Kevin and his wife Mary.
After dinner we headed over to a local line-dancing phenomenon called Stovall’s Grove.
Best. Place. Ever. if you ask me.

Stovall’s Grove is a family owned bar that has been around for years. My mom actually went to high school with some of the Stovall’s.
We had so much fun that I’m pretty sure Stovall’s will be a once a month occurrence in the future. Here are some pictures from the night…. 


Kevin may or may not have brought his cowboy hat for the occasion.


My dad had to borrow it a few times.


Steve twirled me around the dance floor, literally.


Who took these with my camera? I had no idea until I uploaded them today.


My mom and dad sharing one of several pee-in-my-pants-style stories.
Seriously. The stories they, along with Janet and Nelson, were telling that night made Steve and I cry laugh.


Kevin and Mary working the dance floor.


My dad and Mary trying a fun step. I think it was called the eleven step, thanks to my sisters’ friend Ashly, whom they went to high school with, I now know how to do it. Holla!


Kevin and my mom dominating.

100_2769However, the best dancer of the evening was, by far, Janet.
She had mad skills. I am jealous.

But don’t worry, a flyer on that big post on the right said that they have lessons starting soon. Adie, Haley and Maggie, we must take lessons.


And finally, I conclude with a stellar photo of Kevin “the stud” Glock and Ashly. Love this. And love that Ashly is a self-proclaimed Haus of Girls stalker. What a doll. I’m so happy we ran into her and that she took the time to teach this horrid dancer some moves.

Happy Hoe Down Throw Down Tuesday to all!


Mariah said...

I soooo get it about the sitter thing. That is exactly where we are at right now... nice to hear we aren't the only ones! So looking forward to the day that we can go out just because and reconnect as a couple!

AshlyMoore said...

YES!!!Kevin and I made the blog! :) I had so much fun that night. Let me know when you guys go back so we can boot scoot boogie together again!


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