Monday, January 24, 2011

Snow Crazy

Last week Mia only had school one day.
The rest were snow days.
Our family loved every minute of the indoor fun and having nowhere to be, however yesterday we were happy to have somewhere to go: my parent’s house for a day of sledding!




My three stooges all bundles up and ready to go.


We hit the “small hill” first and  Mia smoothed out a great path.


Sophie’s face is priceless on her first time down.


And Gracie girl braved it alone in a sitting down style,  after already attempting a ride down on her belly and getting a face full of snow.
There were a few tears, but being the trooper she is she hung in there and followed her big sisters around the rest of the afternoon.


“I don’t like snow in my face,” she told me a few hundred times.  Me neither, Gracie. 


Steve and Gracie’s first attempt down the “big hill.”
Super fast, more snow in Gracie’s face, and a few more tears.


A picture of the trek back up the “big hill.”
Notice Steve’s stellar baby carrying skills.


All smiles from this purple layered girl.
Note the hat on backwards ;)


Mia braving the big hill alone.


At the end is a cliff which drops down to my parent’s pond, so my Dad had to stand down at the end and stop/catch us. 
To say the least, he had his work cut out for him.
My mom also helped by blocking the trees at the end.
All and all a super safe day  ;)

My dad put it best when he said at one point, “As parents you put helmets on your kids when they ride their bikes, but you throw them down a snowy hill on a sled with no problem.”
So true.


Hiking back to the house for some hot chocolate and cupcakes.


Check out their waterfall! It’s frozen!


Mia’s yummy hot chocolate…


and such a yummy winter day!


Unknown said...

Looks like such fun! My kids have no idea the fun that snow is. So sad!

Mariah said...

I'm cracking up at the "stellar baby carrying skills" looks like a fab fun day!


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