Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I Whipped Up Wednesday- Life is Beautiful


My friend Kimmie has been doing a fun “What I whipped up Wednesday” post on her blog, Sugar and Dots, for awhile now.  
I am finally joining in on the fun and showing some of the things that I whip up on a weekly basis. 
It’s amazing the creativity that flows when you are stuck inside for six days straight due to snow!

Luckily, after somewhat mastering a daily routine with eight kids (ages 10 months, 2, 2, 2, 2.5, 4, 4 & 4) I am able to get them all to sleep at the same time for two hours each day.
Pure awesomeness. 
Awesomeness that gives me plenty of crafty time as well as getting-back-in-shape time after taking two months off due to all the winter diseases Haus of Girls has endured. 

What I whipped up the other day, after being inspired by a fantastic wall of photos in, none other than, Kimmie’s very own home, is a vinyl cut out of “Life is Beautiful.”
I just love this phrase and had to find somewhere to incorporate this in my own home.

  kimmie's wall

Here is Kimmie’s adorable wall, that inspired me.


And here is my version in our front sitting/computer room.


I already had all the photos, plate and other fun decor hanging up, but by simply adding a little phrase at the top, it has made it even more personalized.



I love this little reminder, right next to all my favorite photos, that life is truly so beautiful and that I am blessed to have so much love, joy and richness in my life. 

My next project? The phrase ”It’s a Wonderful Life.”
One of my favorite movies of all time.  I just need to figure out which wall to put this on. 
Then I think I will make some silhouettes of the girls for their bedrooms.

Look out What I whipped up Wednesday, I am on a snow day crafty binge!
Hope you’ll follow along with Kimmie and her What I whipped Up Wednesday fun as well!

what I whipped up linky

Happy whipping up Wednesday!


Erin Civey said...

Love this Marta!!! I want a wall that I can do that on too!!!
Looks great :)

Erin Civey said...

Love this Marta...good job!!
The wall looks great!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Marta. Your wall looks lovely. I might need to copy that for our family room :).

I have to ask though, how do you coreograph your small people to nap at the same time? I've been approached for childcare in the past (I have three kids of my own under five), and would love to open my home to more children, but I'm totally chicken about nap time. It seems like it would be a TOTAL SCENE! Would you mind sharing your skills?

Thank you. Your blog never fails to inspire me.


Simply Domestic said...

I love your wall. I found your from Sugar and Dots. I, too, have 3 girls! Isn't it fun! Glad I found your blog!

Kimmie @ Hello Mess said...

Oh Marta, this is SO lovely. Since we've moved, I miss that wall in our old house so very much. Seeing it again beside a picture of YOUR wall makes me stop missing and start thanking. I am so very thankful for a friend like you and wish that there weren't ANY miles in-between us. Love this friend. And high-freakin-five on the sychronized nap time! xo

Featuring this tomorrow at Sugar and Dots!


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