Friday, January 28, 2011

A Little of This and a Little of That


It’s Friday.
Can I please get a Holla?!

It’s been an especially long week here at Haus of Girls filled with spills, tears, whining about school outfits and more.  
Having three daughters, there is no shortage of clothing/hair accessories drama, I will say.

100_2685 (A glimpse at their individual fashion sense as they pose in front of our tree one last time before taking in down.)

So today, when I woke up to begin another wonderful winter day, I was a little more excited than normal that it was Friday. 

Four of the six children I care for during the day did not come today, (only four kids all day instead of the usual eight = spa retreat!!!) so I had the rare chance to take Mia and Sophie to school.
This is a real treat for them because, after taking on a few more children to care for at the end of the year, I have not had room in my big ol’ Suburban to do so.  I am so thankful for some extra special and kind Moms who have helped me out in the carpool department.  I couldn’t do what I do without their help and support.  So a big thank you Amber, Rachel and Kandi.  You are all such blessings! 

I took full advantage of our road trip opportunity and decided, after dropping Sophie off at preschool, to take the cuties to a little place I like to call coffee heaven.  
Also knows as Starbucks.
I think they enjoyed the road trip almost as much as my taste buds did. 

Here’s a little more of this and that to recap what’s been happening in Haus of Girls the past few days.

#1.  I DARE you to try this Jackie Warner workout DVD.  And then I dare you to not cry when doing the abs portion of the 40 minute full body workout. 

jackie warner 

Seriously.  Go buy it from like I did (thanks to a gift card from my sister Adie!) for less than half price and do it.  Your body will thank me.  I am back in the swing of working out after a two month hiatus due to sickness.  I am thankful to have my body back.  Not thankful for the awful feeling of my stomach being on fire.

#2.  T-minus two weeks until Baby Smith arrives!!!

adie 35 weeks And how cute is my sister Adie’s 36 week pregnant belly?
I can not even wait to hold her new teeny baby boy.
I may or may not steal him for a few days.  Do you think she’ll notice?

#3. At Starbucks today I went out on a limb and tried something new.  I know, I’m such a dare devil.  I normally get the plain Jane boring Skinny Vanilla Latte, but I risked it and tried the Skinny Carmel Macchiato. 
I almost fainted from the yumminess.  I want one every morning from now on.  If only I had a gift card for every diaper I changed during the day.  I ‘d be one happy, and caffeinated, momma.

#4.  My computer is being shady, again.
I must save all my pictures on my sd card TONIGHT.  Someone remind me later tonight.  Threaten me.  Force me.  I am counting on you!

#5.  It has finally stopped snowing for a few minutes.  Last week was a snowy blur of sledding, shoveling (not by me of course!), and family game nights inside. 

#6.  This girl is getting too old.  Too fast.
100_2831She is so over all the skirts I have sewn for her, only takes showers and does her own ponytails.  Tears. 
She even had a special day with Dad and went up in this…

stl arch

the St. Louis Arch.
Something I have yet to do.  Will never do, I’m pretty sure. 
Just a tad too high for me, and I won’t even talk about the fact that when it’s windy, you feel it swaying back and forth when you’re up at the top.  No chance. 

#7.  Speaking of no chance…
No chance that this girl is about to turn five.  

Sophie has recently determined her upcoming party will be  Rapunzel themed.  I guess I better gather up some of my Grandma Viefhaus’ German recipes for the big day.  
Kraut Flakel anyone? (One of my favorite foods of all time!)

This almost five year old was a “Beterinarian” today at preschool for their Occupation Parade.  Stethoscope and all. 
And when I sat down by her at lunch this afternoon with my baby spinach salad with grilled chicken she said, “Wow, Mom.  That smells like lice.” 
The end.


ragamuffinbeauties said...

Your sister is adorable! Nieces and nephews are SO fun!!! And your girls...aww they are precious! My Bella (9) goes in phases...she teeters from being uber girly to a tomboy, I never know what one day will hold from the next. I miss her letting me to her hair and plan her outfits, but she's slowly asking for help again! :)

Casey said...

Love your girls pictures. they are all so adorable! And you are definatly a super mom for caring for that many kiddos during the day!
Would love for you to participate in my new Sunday night recipe swap....

Two Little Tots said...

what a cute and fun post! i love the pictures and your little update! and what a super mom you are for watching all those little ones! hats off to you!

Tanya said...

Just catching up around here...the whole house has been sick (everyone's story this winter I know!) and I really fell behind on blogs.
I think that the way you sacrifice for your girls and watch other kids at home and still sew and do fun things and laugh and stay positive is admirable and I want you to know that!
I never knew what lice smelled like before! Figures it would be spinach ;)


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