Friday, July 23, 2010

California Girls


Once upon a time, I met five fantastic California Girls.
All whom I would have never known if not for my blog.

mel p320

heather m p320


heather g p320

julie p320

erin p320



Mel, Heather M., Heather G., Julie, Erin and I met up in California last December
to put Julie’s amazing idea into effect.

To say
Project 320 was a tremendous success, is quite an understatement,
as we raised enough money to fund, not one, but two wells in Ethiopia.

I am blessed to have been a part of something so incredible, but also to have met
five fantastic Mommies that are so much like me, yet live hundreds of miles away.

I often find myself wishing that I lived closer and thinking of all the play dates and
sewing parties we would have.
Not to mention the random get togethers where we would inhale several pounds
this, this and these

And just to tell you how WONDERFUL these women are, I wanted to share part of an email
that Mel wrote to my husband Steve, without me knowing!

Hi Steve-

It's Mel (Marta's friend from California, we did Project 320 together).
I am writing because we are having a HOLLA/Project 320 reunion at my house in Northern California on Aug 9-11. All the other girls are from Cali except Marta. The weekend won't be the same without her here! We want her to come!  All 5 of us will chip in to get her a ticket as a birthday present & surprise her with the ticket for her birthday. So, my questions are:
1. Would she be able to come out those days (Monday Aug 9-Wed Aug 11)
2. Can you keep it a surprise until her birthday?

Thanks Steve!!!

Can you believe it?!
The kindness.
The crazy California kindness.
I was so touched that they would offer to do this for me.
They are so thoughtful and made this Missouri girl smile ear to ear.  
And even though I won’t be able to join them this time,  I am hoping to plan another trip
out there to visit my favorite California girls.

So tomorrow, as I turn the big 31 and officially enter my 30’s,
I can realize all I have
accomplished and gained in the past few years since the start of
Haus of Girls.
What started out as a promise to myself to document my life in a way that can be cherished by many,
has turned into gaining
five fabulous friends for life


Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Love you, Marta!! My life is better because you're in it. SRSLY. So sad you can't make it this time, but there will be many more times. Holla! !

Erin Burns said...

You are sunshine!
I am a better person, mom, friend, wife, cook, crafter, karaoke singer for knowing you.
There will be MANY reunions in the future you WILL be at...and we will be sure to HOLLA it up at this one in your absence.
I hope your Birthday weekend is a blast!
You deserve it!!

Tegan | Celebrate Twelve13 said...

How fun! Maybe I'll get to meet you! :)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

oh Marta, this post makes me smile & YOU make me smile! I am so glad our paths have crossed & I know you are a friend forever! Us tall girls have to stick together :) Love you & miss you! Enjoy your birthday tomorrow!

Tanya @ Life in 3D said...

The kindness made me tear up! It is SO very special when kindred spirits...people of like-mind...cross paths! Cool story, thanks for sharing :)

Allison B said...

Wow, such wonderful friends!

Enjoying your blog from way down South in Louisiana.

Happy early Birthday! My baby boy's 1st birthday is tomorrow (7-24) too! :)

Jules said...

You are my favorite person to have ever lived in the show me state. For reals. Miss you my holla!


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