Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Birthday Getaway Photos



On Saturday morning, we dropped our three girls off at my parent’s house, drove two hours,
and then pulled up here.


We grabbed some lunch under here, a pavilion that is decked out with ceiling fans & an outdoor fireplace.


The boys were ready to head out to play a round of golf.

cape meade golfing

Meade warming up.


Haley and Maggie, after lunch, were ready to head to the spa for our mani-pedi-massage day!


Here is a picture of Maggie getting her nails done “Gaga” style.

lace nails

Here is what Maggie did. So fun! And so Gaga.


Our trademarked “sister star” with our new nails.

After getting all dolled up, it was time for dinner!

cape adie and meade

  Adie and Meade

cape maggie and austin

Maggie and Austin

cape haley and jimmy

Haley and Jimmy


Me and my hubby, Steve

 cape trip boys

The boys.


The girls.

And now, a fun before and after with the four sisters…..





Amazing what some makeup and my new flat iron can do for us :)


Haley in front of her luxurious cabin.

cape austin saki

At dinner, some of us got a Saki blast.
I just love Maggie’s face as her boyfriend Austin got up to a 20 second count on his turn.

cape steve and marta


cape group shot

A group shot. 

Thank you to my sisters & brother-in-laws for making this the best birthday this thirty-one year old could ever dream of!!!


1 Funky Woman said...

Ok, could you 4 be any more gorgeous? You didn't need a flat iron to tell me that! Looks like you all had a great time! I love, love love the nails! And oh Happy Birthday!

Mariah said...

the sister star... love it! Happy Birthday!!! from a stranger in california who loves to read your blog!

Sami Jo said...

LOVED that cabin! All you gals are so beautiful - looked like a great time!

Happy Day, The Lady of the House

Sami Jo said...

oh... duh! Happy late birthday deary! =)


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