Monday, July 19, 2010

Here’s What: Random Tidbits

Andy Cohen, if you don’t know, is the host all of the Real Housewives Reunion shows
on Bravo, but he also hosts a show called “Watch What Happens Live!” 
He is hilarious and he’s from St. Louis, the best city on Earth, which makes
me like him even more. 

Andy has a segment on his show called “Here’s What” where he talks about
the latest drama topics on his mind.

Lately, whenever I observe something annoying or find a particular situation
memorable, for any reason
, I find myself talking to myself.
For example I may or may not say something like,
“Here’s What. How about we use that thing we call a blinker when you randomly
decide you want to change lanes, while texting your friends, and cutting me off.”

So today, I give you some random tidbits on what’s on my mind these days.
My very own version of “Here’s What,” if you will.

*My girls and I have eaten 24 bags of microwave popcorn in the past week.
It’s getting out of hand. Here’s what, someone help!

*Steve has gotten our three girls addicted to McDonald’s ice cream cones.
They literally ask us every night if we can go and get one.

*I started taking my dogs with me on my walk/runs in the morning and at night.
They are hilarious and since it’s been so cool out(98!) they pant and drool like rabid raccoons.
One night Gussie simply decided she was done walking and  laid down in the middle of the road.  

*We just got back from our second trip to the Lake this month.  The girls are totally
obsessed with boats, jet skis, swimming and all the things that Lake life brings.
I now have three platinum blondes with some major tan lines.

*Gracie’s wearing big girl undies only during the days. No more pull-ups or diapers.
And let me just say that I am hoping that she really LOVES 
my brainwashing Potty Fairy concept….
My back is aching from wiping up her accidents.

*I really hate when I take my girls to the park at night and three middle school
aged boys take over the entire playground and start throwing the mini rocks at
each other, forcing me to be the old had who has to say, “Hey guys, can you please
stop throwing rocks. I would hate for one of my girls to go blind from a pelt
to the eye tonight.”

*Today was Steve’s first day, since school got out in May, that he had nowhere to go,
and was home with me ALL DAY.
After teaching summer school in June and then doing a baseball camp, he is finally all mine!
Today, during naptime, he helped me clean out the horrid laundry room closet,
our pantry, and some of our kitchen cabinets.
There is nothing better than feeling organized, or a hubby that helps out so much around the house!

*My 31st birthday is this Saturday.
I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit sad.
Not because I am going to be 31, but because it’s so sad how fast a year has gone by. 
Crazy fast. 
I heard that time goes by a bit faster every year as you age and now I
can truly say that I agree.
I’m officially old mature.

*Speaking of my 31st Birthday, Steve and I are taking a little trip, without kids,
(which if you know me is RARE and awfully sad and difficult for me)
with my three sisters and their husbands/boyfriend.
Just the eight of us.
We are going to my sister Haley’s husband Jimmy’s Country Club for the day.
While the boys golf, we will be getting massages, pedicures and manicures,
(which, if you know me, is also very RARE.
The last time I had any one of those three things was over a year ago!) 
followed by a nice dinner and then staying in cabins.
It will be a fabulous day with my favorite people in the world.

Hope you all have a happy week!


Tegan | Celebrate Twelve13 said...

Potty training tips, please. Also, Julie tells me you're a rock star at sleep training. Think you could write me a tutorial in the next few months? :)

Yay for a full day home with Steve and for birthday weekend!

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

That sounds super fun! But we're still gonna need you out here next month. SRSLY.

Four Fit Sisters said...

LOVE the randomness!!!! Here's what...I need to find a daycare situation ASAP!


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