Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3D Fun

I went to my first ever 3D movie a few days ago.
Car sick pretty much sums up the preview portion of the night, but once the actual
movie started, it was a little easier for me to watch.
It was quite amazing actually.


My girls and I went with my sister Maggie, as well as, my Mom and Dad (aka Mimo & Grandpa)
to see Toy Story 3.



It was Gracie’s first movie theater experience ever.
For a brand new two year old, she did fantastic. She sat on my lap and watched the entire time.
How could she not with all the crazy 3D action?

(She may or may not have made this face the entire night to keep the glasses from falling off.)


Mia and Sophie loved the movie and they even got a few laughs from the
crowd after a couple of their not-so-quiet comments.



Gracie wanted to sit on Maggie’s lap for awhile.
(Second Mom.)


Grandpa and his Toy Story 3 t-shirt girls!
He surprised them with these fun shirts when we met them at the theater!


Mia all smiles in her new tee!


And Sophie showing me her “Buzz shirt.” 
She actually loved hers so much that she slept in it, then wore it all the next day
and then to Mia’s game that night.
Gotta love four year olds.


Carrie said...

LOL! You crack me up, taking pictures with the 3D glasses on! I wanted to take my camera into the theater for Nathan's first movie and my husband was like nonono you can't bring a camera in there! lol! You're awesome!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

love the pictures!! Tony and I saw "Avatar" in 3-D and it was my first 3-D too, and I was NOT a big fan (of the effect, or the movie! LOL!) How sweet that your dad bought them Toy Story shirts!


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