Thursday, July 22, 2010

Before “Bumpits”

I had to share this hilarious picture.
It’s one of my all time faves, from the 80’s, in the house I grew up in. 
It is a fun shot of my twin sisters, (who are wearing each other’s overalls if you can read the names!)
my cousin Shelene, and I. 

This photo will give you a little insight into my randomness.
I frequently spiced things up to be different.
And it was not cute.  Even though I sure thought it was at the time

marta headband

Apparently, I’ve always had a little Snookie in me.
Look at my headband!!!
It was pre-“Bumpits”, so I developed my own way to get a little volume back there. Seriously?!

And the funny thing is, I can remember doing this headband trick like
it was yesterday.
Because wearing it like all the normal girls just didn’t cut it.
That’s how I roll.

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