Friday, June 24, 2011

Insta Friday

New to Insta Friday?

Share your cell phone pics from the week…take a bunch of grainy pictures that aren’t blog able on their own, but together make a fun post!

Any cell phone pictures work, I just happen to have an iPhone and use the Instagram app!

Here are my pictures from Instagram this past Father’s Day week…


       Happy Father’s Day, 2011.


First lemonade stand of the summer.


Which quickly turned into a fundraiser for our neighbor’s daughter who is battling lung cancer.


Sophie’s first haircut ever.


Mia got the “posh” cut.


I inhaled this Rollo McFlurry in less than five minutes.


My girls created a frog hotel.


I tried not to barf.


Mia had her second visit with her immunologist and had to have more blood work done.
She’s so brave and getting quite accustomed to the procedure being that it’s her eleventh time to do so.
She told me how she was able to watch this time and not count to fifty. 


I used my flat iron for the first time in weeks and actually put on makeup.
Call the cops.
Margs with friends on a random Thursday is just what the doctor ordered for this Momma who’s been caring for sickies for the past few weeks. 

Now it’s your turn crazy kids!
Show me what you did last week and link up here!


SoSoBella said...

cute photos. what sweet girls you have :)

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

All of you girls are so gorgeous!

Sami Jo said...

That is so me too, Marta. I rarely put make-up on, but when I do - I take a pic of such accomplishments!

Hope you all are well,
Hugs - Sami Jo


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