Wednesday, June 8, 2011

gracie’s three!


It seems like yesterday I was lying in a hospital bed for the longest seventeen days of my life.
Trying to keep you in my belly until it was safe for you to come out. 
I went in for a routine thirty-one week checkup in April (1 cm dilated and 80% effaced) and wasn’t able to come back home until the next month. 
No walking.
No moving.
No going outside. 

When I finally was able to come home in May,  I felt so incredibly thankful to be able to live life normally again without feeling scared that you wouldn’t be ok.   I had made it through seventeen days of worrying and fear, and one night of actually going into labor resulting in having to have some creepy shot that completely stops all contractions. 


One of the last photos of me before you made your arrival on May 28th, 2008.
Large and in charge.


A few minutes after you arrived, after a few pushes, a few minutes after midnight. 

So happy you were finally safe in my arms.

Two very excited and proud big sisters that never wanted to let you go.

gracie last day being 2

And now look how big you’ve grown.



Proudly showing your new age while eating your yummy birthday lunch at the lake.



  Nana even brought more Sunshine cookies to help us celebrate!





Happy Birthday to our funny, silly, sassy girl, Gracie!

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Carrie said...

Happy Birthday! Those sunshine cookies rock :)


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