Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dance Recital 2011

My girls had their dance recital this past weekend.  It was such a fun and special weekend of glitz and glamour!  Make-up, wavy/curly hair, fancy lime green and pink costumes, ruffles and zebra. 
Seriously, what could be better?


My favorite pose of the day!


Sophie looking so pretty.


Mia posing like a pro.


Ready to twirl on stage!    


A sister shot just before walking in.


Mia and her best friend at dance, Ella.  They are too cute together!


Sophie’s adorable class ready to dance their “Limbo” routine.


Go Sophie!


The girls posing with our neighbor’s sweet little girl, Lily, in their aprons (that my sister Haley made them!) for their “Pizza Dance.”


Thank you to my sister Maggie and her fiancé Austin for coming to support our girls!


And a fun shot with Mimo and Grandpa.


Our little family, and a not so little hole in Mia’s tights.


After day two of the recital, a fun trip to Red Robin with Nana and Papa!


Thank you Nana and Papa for coming to watch Mia and Sophie on the big stage and for their fun books!

This is one of  my new favorite photos by the way.

It’s after their performance on Sunday.  Mia’s already changed into her uniform, because a weekend wouldn’t be complete without a 6 pm recital on Saturday followed by Applebee’s with Mimo and Grandpa getting home around 10:30 pm, then another show on Sunday at 2 pm followed by Red Robin with Nana and Papa, then heading off to Mia’s 6 pm softball game!
An on-the-go and exhausting weekend?  Yes.
But so worth the chaos for all the fun.

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Tanya @ Life in 3D said...

So fun and so cute.
I love how much quality time you and the extended fam spend together.
These are the moments.... :)

PS I'm doing home daycare now and I NEED to know what your routine consists of! {If you don't mind sharing :D } I need some tips!


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