Tuesday, July 5, 2011

“Me to We” and everything in between


My sister Adie gave me this book a few weeks ago and, so far,  it’s outstanding.
“Finding meaning in a material world” is what I am constantly trying to do on a daily basis, so this book is the perfect fit to get me thinking and spark those important teachable moments with my girls. 



After reading a few parts of it with Mia (she especially liked Oprah’s excerpt) it got her thinking.
She realized that even though she’s a child, her actions are impactful, important and can make a difference.  

For her birthday this year, she is asking all of her guests at her Puppy Party to bring something for the dogs that live in shelters and do not have a family. 
Instead of bringing a gift for her,  she wants to use her special day as a way to make a difference in the world.   She is excited to collect these goodies and personally deliver them to the Humane Society! 


I can’t believe our little girl will be seven on Friday.  SEVEN!
But I’m happy she still has the heart of a two year old at times and likes to snuggle next to Mommy during nap time and doodle a “happy town.”


A few nights ago Mia had some special fans at her softball game. 
Is there anything better than cousins?


I don’t think so.


In other random news, Mia recently played a softball game on my old elementary school field.


The very same one I grew up playing kick ball on, when I was her age, in Mrs. Kreuger’s PE class, as well as softball when I was in fourth grade on the Ballwin Babes. 



This view of the back of my school brings back so many memories.


This dress is also just a memory.
After some MAJOR bridesmaid dress drama, thanks to a David’s Bridal employee saying, “I’m so sorry but the dress your sister selected for you and all the other bridesmaids to wear is discontinued and there are only 8 left in the entire country.” 
Then she proceeded to hand us the sheet with the sizes to select from…… 2, 18, 22, 24.
Obviously those would not work for any of the final girls who still needed to order them. 
We panicked and started trying on NEW dresses.  Vera Wang to be exact.  Love.


But, sadly, short and sassy ruffles don’t mesh well with a six foot thirty-one year old mom of three with some stunning varicose veins.  The good news is that Maggie, my bride-to-be sister located the correct dress in my size in Kentucky!  I bought it that day, highly discounted, and it arrived on my front porch this past weekend.  Holla!


This is what all the bridesmaids and I will be wearing instead.  In a fern green color. 
Classy, LONG and flowy.   Just our style.


And speaking of Bridesmaids…. have you seen the movie yet?
Hilarious.  I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. 

I went with two of my sisters, Adie and Maggie, Maggie’s fiancé Austin and my parents. 
My dad was DYING at the bride’s future sister-in-law. 

If you need a good laugh, go see this. 
But take it from me, you may want to wear a diaper. 


Heather G. said...

Ok, how amazing is Mia? What a sweetheart - I loooove her puppy party!! SRSLY, what a little angel!

And, no joke you look amazing in that short, sassy dress! AMAZING!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

...and I was signed in under my other account, but it's meeee!

TJ, Kaylan, Miles, Perry & Simon said...

I just finished reading Me to We. I decided to read it after seeing it on your blog. Thanks for the recommendation. It was SO GOOD!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in finding that long flowing classy purple bridesmaid dress? What was the designer or place you got it in green?


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