Monday, June 6, 2011

A Sunshine Party

Guess who just turned three years old?!

You guessed it!

So we celebrated a few weeks ago, with a "Sunshine" themed party at the park. Her favorite color is still yellow, because of Ducky, so she randomly decided to have a Sunshine Party! It's all she talked about the entire month of May.

Gracie Sunshine party You Are My Sunshine Framed

I whipped up this fun framed piece the day of the party. I took an old glassless frame that was in my basement and some used poster board. I spray painted the poster board yellow and cut it to fit in the opening of the frame. Then I cut out the fun words to Gracie's new favorite song, You Are My Sunshine.  Applying the words was a tad bit more difficult than I originally thought it would be, but so worth sweating to complete during my two hour chaotic nap time break. I thought this would the perfect extra touch for her party!
I found the perfect shirt at Target and just sewed some yellow tulle around the bottom to make it extra special!  She loved it so much and couldn’t stop twirling around…


Party favor bags were filled with yellow candy and on the sun tags I wrote, " Thanks for brightening my day! Love, Gracie"


I decided to just desserts only  for this party, which is a first for me, so I made some Oreo pops dipped in yellow candy coating, brownie covered Oreos, which are Gracie's favorite and yellow Funfetti cupcakes. I also had to have lemon heads to go with the yellow theme and my sister Adie made these cupcakes, with yellow icing, that were absolutely delish! Thank you Mel, for the amazing recipe!


The Sunshine cookies that my favorite mother in law Barb brought were a huge hit!
Gracie probably ate three....

Gracie Sunshine party presents

One of her favorite gifts was the huge tub of cheese balls from my sister Maggie and her fiancé Austin.... they may or may not have been eaten within a few days.


Cake and ice cream time!

Gracie Sunshine party cake smile
So excited!

Our annual cake pose. 

 Gracie Sunshine party cake  

Look at all the cuties!

Gracie Sunshine party Playground

The playground next to our pavilion was perfect!

Gracie Sunshine party playground cousin fun

Cousins rule.

Gracie Sunshine party Mia Tori

Neighbors rule.


Hugs rule.

Gracie Sunshine party Sophie playground  Gracie's Sunshine party Mags Austin

Cutest couple ever, my sister Maggie and her fiancé, Austin.


Piñata time! 


Waiting patiently for their turn….


Go Meade boy!


Get it Abigail!   

Gracie Sunshine party sunset play

And finally, after a very ironic WINDY and rainy Sunshine themed party, the sun came out…. just in time to set.
Here’s a cute shot of some of the kids playing whiffle ball with my sister Maggie, aka, Olympic Softball star and college All American ….

Maggie USA pic


Gracie's Sunshine party Jimmy Haley

We even got some sunset pics with Haley’s camera.  Here is Hales and Jimmy modeling.

Gracie Sunshine party Selena Paige

My friend Selena and her husband Paige posed as well.

Gracie Sunshine party sunset  Marta Steve

And Steve and I getting a shot in front of the sunset.


And at the end of the party we were even so lucky to see this funky rainbow.
Just one stripe of color.  Too bad it wasn’t yellow!


Sheri said...

What an adorable party - so original. Your girls are beautiful.

Kristy said...

What an amazing party! So creative!


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