Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I Love….

is a fun and entertaining project that taps into my girls’ artistic side.
Something that allows them to create and use their imagination.

What I do not love?
A big mess that stains clothing and takes me 25 minutes to clean up.
That is why I wanted to share my pick for the best kid friendly paint I have ever found.


“Clean Colors” from Michael’s.  
I love me some washable paint.


Gracie loved painting outside, in her undies.
But who wouldn’t love to do that?


She got it in her hair, all over her body and even on me…..


But, the great news is, that is washed right off.
Even out of her crazy hair.
This mom was happy.


Sophie was very focused on her creation that was for Daddy, of course.


The metallics are my faves.




Definitely Mom (and Popeye) approved.
So much so, that later that week…….


we may or may not have finger painted!!!
So much fun!

Happy Painting!

1 comment:

Kat said...

Oooooh! Thanks for the recommendation! I have been wanting to get some paint for my girls and now I know just what to get! Washable is th best!!! Can't wait to try it!


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