Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pride and Pumpkins

Sophie was so proud of her “Fertificate” that she received after reciting her full name, birthday, address and phone number in Preschool this week. 


She received the same “Fertificate” last year when she was three, but it’s funny how a summer of fun in the sun (aka not practicing quite as often) forces you to use a little extra brain power, along with Mommy’s fun songs, to re-remember what you’ve already learned.

She worked hard and finally got her long awaited (a grueling two weeks of school!) “Certificate of Achievement.” Hooray!

She skipped/sprinted out of school on Wednesday, identical to last year, smiling ear to ear telling me that she had something to show me.  When we got home, she wanted to pose next to our front porch pumpkin for a picture.
To send to Daddy of course. 
She couldn’t wait until he got home from work!

Speaking of pumpkins, I added a few new tees to my Etsy Shop! this week.
Nothing fancy.
Nothing crazy.


Just a simple polka dot pumpkin on a shirt to celebrate the upcoming fall season of Halloween and Thanksgiving.
(I can do a boy version as well in a fun fall fabric!)
These are so much fun for Preschool parties.


And also fun for babies!

Happy first day of fall (yesterday) to all!

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