Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We Welcomed Fall with a Fire

Last weekend we decided to throw a little “Welcome Fall” party at our house.
We made some snacks and invited some family and neighbors over to celebrate the start of Fall with a bonfire.


Sassy Grace was ready to go in her pigtails and fur cuffs.


Sophie played on the slide with her sisters while Daddy got the fire going on our back patio.


I helped Gracie roast a marshmallow or two.


Loving the fire.


Not loving the smoke.

All of our windows were open that night so the next few days our house smelled like a giant campground!


My girls had a blast playing in basement with a few of their neighborhood friends.


And I had a blast inhaling about 20 of these tasty treats. 
Lazy Mama’s Cookies, courtesy of Julie.


Thank you to all who helped us celebrate a new season full of fairs, rodeos, trick or treating and falling leaves.

Happy Fall!

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