Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labor Day Laughs

We road tripped two hours to my sister Haley’s house last weekend to celebrate Labor Day.


On Saturday night we undoubtedly ended up at Haley and Jimmy’s pub, where Gracie happily rocked her SIU t-shirt dress that Haley made all my girls back in April.


Adie (aka Preggy: due in March with baby #2) and Hales are all smiles at Pinch Penny Pub.


Sophie at the Pub, also sporting a t-shirt dress that I made her out of Daddy’s old tees, chugged some Sprite.
(This is definitely my girls’ favorite treat that they get once in a blue moon when we dine at restaurants!)


Me and my sister Maggie’s fiancé, Austin.
Self taken photo. Standard.


On Sunday, the boys golfed.


And the girls walked across the street from Haley’s house to a park.
I love the easy access park situation.
Almost as much as I love the hand holding situation.


Gracie loved this green slide.
And I loved the fact that she wouldn’t take off these sweet shades.


Little Meade was all smiles.


And speaking of smiles, here is my favorite picture of the day.
Haley’s daughter Ella and my Sophie, posing at the park.


Tyler bravely tried out the green slide.


Then a race.


And another race. 

As we re-entered Haley’s gigantic front yard, Mimo raced all the girls (non-strollered kids) to the front porch.


It was hilarious.
Run girls, run!


An after race shot of the girls on the front porch.


A close up of the “girls club” in action.

I hope you that all of you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend that was full of laughs as well!

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Four Fit Sisters said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all these pics. I need some SERIOUS copies!!!!! Thanks for making the AWESOME trip!!!


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