Friday, September 10, 2010

Happiness Is…

Experiencing life.
And living the best life you possibly can.
You only have one shot at raising your children. 
There are no do-overs.

Just one shot to teach them the importance of being kind, polite and thoughtful.
Just one shot to show them that life can always be beautiful.
Just one shot to be the best Mom you can be.
One shot to be present in their lives.

At the Haus of Girls, we never stop experiencing new things.
”Always on the Go” has been our family motto lately.
And I love it.
The fact that my girls get to experience life.
Real life. 
OUR crazy fun chaotic life.

Recently filled with the such things as… trips to Michigan, Aunt Maggie’s college softball games, helping Daddy do landscaping over and Nana and Papa’s house, riding scooters,  sidewalk chalk drawing competitions, dance class once a week, Mia’s softball practice and games, trips to Nana and Papa’s lake house, jet skiing, boat rides, swimming, fireworks, restaurants with Mimo and Grandpa, Sophie beginning her second year of preschool, Mia starting first grade, slumber parties at Mimo and Grandpa’s where they fished and roasted marshmallows, trips to my sister Haley’s house aka: Neverland Ranch, walks at the park, playing on playgrounds, train rides, Spirit Squad for the first time for Mia, bonfires, horse back riding, family get-togethers every week, and of course, block parties.


Block parties with horses.
Even better.



Maggie and Steve checking him out with the girls.


I love this town.


The girls watching the live band.
(Sophie’s fab skirt? I made with some stellar fabric from WALMART. Yes Walmart has cute fabric. Just sayin’.)


And a shot of Mia with her best friend, Maggie.
Bots so cute in their stripes.

We had the best summer with you Maggie and can’t wait until you visit us in October!

Have a happy fun-filled weekend!



Kat said...

Your town looks darling!

Stephanie said...

Great post - you sound like an awesome mom!

Cute blog, btw. :)


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