Friday, June 4, 2010


Remember Fergie’s song a few years ago?

I remember, so clearly, Mia sing-spelling that a few summers back.
It was one of “our songs” that we had numerous dance parties to.
And Fergie obviously wrote the lyrics after spending the day with a Mom of three little girls.
This life is so glamorous!

Today I was talking to my sister Maggie on the phone I realized just how much I put
myself on the back burner.
How difficult it is to spend money on myself or
put myself before my girls.
I think this is one of ultra-glamorous aspects of being a Mom, along with the fact that
I am not a millionaire.
I’m sure that would change things a bit, but not much.
I still don’t think I could just go out and get new things all the time.
That is tough for me. It always has been. I am a saver.

So today I’d like to share the Top 4 ways you can tell that I put my kids (and bills) first:

1. My flat iron (aka straightener as I still call it from the 90’s) is literally from the 90’s.
No joke.
It is one that I used in college. Which was late 90’s and early 2000’s.
Who doesn’t buy themselves a new flat iron after 10 years?
Especially when only ONE side gets hot!
If I don’t get a new flat iron I’m going to go crazy.

2. My cell phone is horrifying.
It only lasts 5 minutes before shutting off.
Then I can only use it while it’s charging.
Being connected to the wall with 3 kids running around is tough, take it from me.
Also, my trendy “Razor,” is chipped and scratched beyond belief.
I need a new phone so badly.

3. My running shoes have totally surpassed the 500 requested miles that they say
is the average when you should get a new pair.
I have had them for at least 3 years now. The plastic Nike “swoops” have fallen off.
I need new running shoes big time.

4. My hair is definitely in need of a blonding session.
Like two weeks ago.
If only I had a few hours to get that done on top of all the other daily requirements 
of being a Mom.

I see people who are able to just hop in the car, walk into a store and
get a new phone or flat iron anytime they’d like.
The never have to WANT for anything.
A new iPod, sure!
The latest and greatest Blu-Ray player, they’ll take one!
(We don’t even OWN a Blu-Ray player…. is that how you spell it?!)

This is so different from our life right now.
I can not spend money of myself very easily.
The day I became a mom, my children’s needs automatically came first.

Who cares if I have a flat iron or a cell phone that works.
At least I have everyday with my girls and our memories that will last forever.
No cell phone or pair of shoes can say that!

Happy Friday!


Kat said...

I can relate!!! I seriously need to get my eyebrows done, Oscar the Grouch called and he wants his eyebrows back... I make all the time in the world for them, but not much time for myself to get little things done. One day... and when that day comes, I'll be sad that I don't have them home all the time, however, my eyebrows will look fabulous. :D

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

I feel like I could have written this myself! (Hello scary roots, crazy eyebrows, one-sided straightener and all!!) Big hugs, my GORGEOUS friend! Big hugs!!

Tegan | Celebrate Twelve13 said...

How in the world does your hair always look so straight if you don't have a properly functioning straighter?!

I'm with ya' sister. We're re-evaluating things as I type... Do I really need a Blackberry with access to email 24/7? Are we even using that gym membership?

Less is more, as long as you're not neglecting some of life's simple pleasures (like great running shoes and straight hair. :)

JuliaVP said...

Thanks for this post! I am single, child-less, working a job I hate, and just so eager to be a married mom... But it's a super good reminder to me to enjoy the freedom I have, and the time I have now. And when it changes, I'm sure it will be great (especially if my life with kids is as G-L-A-M-O-R-U-S as yours seems to be), but for now, I need to enjoy the now. :)
I do hope you can restock on some of those simple pleasures sometime soon!

Mariah said...

I can totally relate! But, I wouldn't have it any other way... we have cancelled our home phone, cancelled cable, and gone without many luxuries so that I can stay home with my boys. They are simple sacrifices in the big picture... many people just aren't willing to give these luxuries up... so kudos to you for seeing what really matters in life. Regardless - I always think you look GLAMOROUS! and I love reading your blog!


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