Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meet the Newest "Pink Panther”


A few weeks ago Mia had her first softball game ever.
This was a very big deal for our family as softball/baseball is such a tradition for us.

My three sisters and I played our entire lives.
Every summer. Every weekend. All through college.
It was our family’s life.

My husband Steve and his two brothers all played baseball growing up. Steve continued on and played throughout college.


All smiles on the way to the ballpark.


Warming up with Dad.


Mia’s fan club.
My Aunt Pat, Gracie, Sophie and my Grandma Viefhaus.

(Right this minute, as I am typing, Gracie just walked over to check out the pictures and yelled “Go Mimi!!!” She loves cheering for her sister and is very good at it after having a few years of practice cheering on her Aunt Maggie!)


Playing in the outfield.


Her first at bat….and she got a hit!
Love that her stance is identical to mine.


Her first trip around the bases.


Sophie and Gracie cheering on their big sister.


My sister Adie came up with her hubby & son and brought the famous wagon.
We put Sophie to work and she pulled Meade and Gracie around for awhile.


On deck taking a few practice swings.


And finally, after a big win, she got her very first post-game SLUSHIE

Mia’s first game brought back so many memories of me and my sisters running around after our games, in the warm summer air.
It especially hit home since Mia’s playing at the same ballpark where my sisters and I grew up playing.

There is nothing better than spending a summer evening at the ballpark, eating popcorn, and hearing the crack of the bat hit the ball.


Celeste said...

So exciting! yay Mia!!! (love the team colors too .... navy/pink - a fab combo) ;)

Four Fit Sisters said...

Not quite the Ballwin Babes...but the Pink Panthers will do! ha ha ha. GO MiMi!! Hilarious and adorable. Love Ballwin Ballpark...our second home

Kat said...

Love it!!! She looks adorable!

starnes family said...

I love the blue slushie smile.

Softball is close to my heart, too. I can't wait to see my daughter play one day!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

so, so, cute!!! Go Mia! Go Pink Panthers!
Love that she is playing on the field where you grew up playing! I can't wait for my girls to start playing soccer :) And, maybe they will play softball also!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Aaah! The Pink Panthers?! I love it!! Gooooo, Mia!!


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