Thursday, June 3, 2010

Following In Some Big Footsteps

My sister Maggie had her final softball game ever last Friday.
After 18 straight years of playing softball, it was over.
Such a shock to my entire family.

But I am so happy that I was there.
So happy my girls were there.
To cheer her on and make more memories.

They have always been such big fans of Aunt Maggie.
I might go so far as to say, her biggest fans. 
They have watched this over the past four year……..

050510_SPT_UM vs EMU Softball_MRM

  maggie usa hitting

 mags senior day signing

Maggie MU


maggie homer pic 2009

mags senior day tears

And now it’s their turn.


They practice.


They talk about being just like Maggie.



They talk about being on TV one day just like her.



I have a feeling that they will be.
Just look for the girl covering her face with her glove :)



And guess who just started her career at age five.


That’s right, Miss Mia Adeleigh signed up for softball for the first time last week.
All the cheering for Maggie got her excited to play.
She will be playing with 7 year olds even though she is just 5. 


She was very upset she was not able to get number 15 like Maggie.
Or number 6 like Mommy.
This jersey, number 13, was the only jersey that remotely fit her.
So it had to do.

Later she remembered that Taylor Swift’s lucky number is 13. 
So she settled, for now. 


After watching her “Pink Panthers” team play, she decided she could hang.
So Steve took her to get her very first pair of spikes, batting gloves, knee socks,
and her name on her jersey.

She came home and immediately put on the entire uniform.
Then she headed outside and swung the bat she borrowed from the team, for at least 45 minutes.
She came in to show me her stance.
”A serious face just like Maggie",” she said.
I almost cried.

At bedtime she laid out her jersey flat on the ground.
Beneath it she placed her shorts.
Then her pink under armour socks below those.
Next, her new spikes underneath the socks.
She then laid out her batting gloves at the end of her jersey arms.
She topped it all off with her new hat and hopped into bed. 

”Good night mom! I will be ready to practice hitting in the morning!”

I can NOT wait to watch her play this summer……..


LauraC said...

So sweet!

Jon had ESPN on over the weekend and it showed the Elite 8 and I did not see Michigan. Very sad! But YAY for All-American! Will she ever be considered for the Olympic team?

Kat said...

Oh my goodness, how precious!!! You must be so proud. I teared up just reading this. I have signed my soon to be five year old up for a tennis camp this summer, hopefully she will love the sport as much as her mommy does! Cheers from Georgia!

Ashley said...

This post made me want to cry!!! How proud are you?!!?! Of both your baby girl and sister :) :) :)

Erin Burns said...

Crazy how something so simple can be so moving and emotional. LOVE this post! All the pictures of Maggie and your girls are priceless. The "serious face" and her STANCE?? Classic.

You're gonna have a blast this Summer...can't wait for the future posts. And maybe even Maggie could come cheer on Mia?! Wouldn't that make her day! XOXO

Keri Secor said...

Awesome post! Such great picture and I have to admit I got a tear in my eye, just precious. Awesome how much Maggie has influenced their lives and she'll be there to watch them be just like her. I'm sure they will be on TV one day. They have some wonderful coaches and some great blood! :)

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Awh! What a sweet post! We watched one of the games on ESPN a couple of weeks ago just to see your sister! I can't wait to watch for your girlies!! :)


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