Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Final Road Trip to Michigan

Two weekends ago we watched my sister Maggie’s final softball game for the University
of Michigan.

It was unbelievably sad, but I am so glad we made the trip and were there for her
last game ever.

Here are the pictures from our final road trip to Michigan to watch my superstar sister Maggie…..


We got on the road a few Thursdays ago, after work.
It’s an 8 hour drive so we were still in the car at midnight when it  officially became
Gracie’s 2nd BIRTHDAY!

Here she is at midnight. In the Suburban.
Such a trooper (with eczema and an upper-
respiratory infection)!



The next day on the way to Maggie’s game. 
Already worn out!


My girls and Ella.
Tailgating one final time.


My sister’s hubby Meade, my sister Haley (in the middle) and my hubby Steve.



Me and my sister Adie.


Heading into the stadium. Go Blue!


Getting our tickets. My parents and sisters and nephews, oh my!



Mia and Sophie holding my niece Ella’s hands.
So adorable.


Sophie watching Maggie and her team warm up.


It was HOTTER than hot. The girls tried to cool off in some umbrella shade.
Then all three of my girls broke out in a rash. My mom said it was heat rash.
I knew it was something weird. After freaking out I calmed down.
I think it was Fifth’s Disease. Such perfect timing to have RASH faced kids.
Craziness, as always.



Steve and our girls heading back from a shade break.



I love this picture.
Gracie reading with her back to a crazy game.



I also love this one.
Sophie taking it all in.

One. Last. Time.
Michigan lost and Maggie’s career was over. Just like that.


My entire family headed out to dinner after some tears and had some laughs, smiles and……..


cookie cake!
Gracie and Ella’s birthdays are two days apart so we had to celebrate them!


Maggie and I after dinner.



Leaving the “farm” where we stayed during our trips to Michigan.

My mom’s friend from high school coincidently has this cute farm house on tons of acres,
minutes from Michigan’s campus.
What are the chances?!
She kindly let us ALL stay whenever we were in town to see Maggie. 


Another view.


The road going past the farm.



And here is our view of the road as we left the farm one final time.
I will miss that cute place.
Our families made so many memories here.



Speaking of memories….
we had the next day to hang out with Maggie and enjoy our final day in Michigan with her.
She took us to her stadium for a V.I.P. tour.


We saw her listed as 2009’s Most Outstanding Player.



Go Maggie!


Sophie lounged in Maggie’s incredible locker room.


Mia and Sophie posing with Maggie.



See this HUGE photo mural?
Maggie is the one in the upper left with her hand up cheering.



A closer view. That’s her in the helmet with her hand up!
I love this!


My girls in Michigan’s dugout.
This was so fun for them! 


Mia even got to HIT at Maggie’s stadium!
She did so great and had some hitting lessons from my dad.



Even though the weekend ended sadly with Maggie’s final game, we made even more
wonderful memories that we will always cherish.

Here is Maggie’s final interview she did for Michigan’s website.
(Don’t forget to pause the music!)
Warning: This is a tear jerker!

Thank you for being such a wonderful person Maggie.
On the inside and out.
You are the greatest role model for my three girls.
We love you Maggie!


starnes family said...

I love this post. I played fastpitch all through High School and traveled around the country. Such a great sport.

And, it seems we have something in common....our love for sisters!

The girls look precious in their Michigan gear!

Aunt Karen said...

Marta, thanks for sharing this amazing weekend! I'm glad you were all there for Maggie! Loved seeing the private tour pictures and especially enjoyed the pictures of your girls at the game. Love Ya!

Erin Burns said...

Those VHOUSE tshirts are so cute!
Such a bittersweet weekend, but fun you were all there to experience it together. That farm house is beautiful!
The M locker room pics made me think of when I visited my sis. The pool facilities were out of control. That school is awesome!

Fulton Quads said...

Love those shirts! TOO cute! Love your blog too! In fact I nominated it for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can find out all of the details on my blog. Good Luck!
Love, Cathy & her quads

Kat said...

What a sweet post! I lost it when she started crying... you can tell how much she loved playing and how much she loves her family. Absolutely precious.


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