Thursday, May 27, 2010

bye bye bunny teeth


The ultra-loose bunny teeth that Mia has been sporting for several weeks have left the building.


Two Sundays ago the time came.
Here is a picture before the tooth pulling began.


Mia working on those teeth.
She was so brave and was determined to get them out.
Since her two new teeth were already coming in behind the baby teeth,
the four front teeth needed to return to two as soon as possible.


Sophie and Daddy helped cheer her on!

Mia finally allowed Daddy to give it a try. (After a lot of bribery.)
He pulled one out and in the process loosened the other one a lot more.
So Mia just grabbed it and pulled it out herself.
Right in front of me!
I was so proud of her.


Yay Mia!
Her current total: 4 baby teeth GONE.


Here is the after shot. Adorable.
She must have stared in the mirror for 45 minutes after the memorable event.
I think she was even in shock for a bit, giggling like I’ve never seen before.
She had to share the news with Grandpa, who nicknamed her bunny teeth in the first place.
So we hopped in the ‘Burban and headed over to Mimo and Grandpa’s for a Sunday night BBQ.

Bye Bye Bunny Teeth.
Bye Bye to my little girl.
Hello to my BIG teeth girl.


Kat said...

That is precious. We haven't crossed that bridge yet with our oldest, but I know when we do I will cry. It really is bittersweet watching them grow and get excited as they reach each milestone along the way.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

oh my goodness, she is adorable. she is going to look so old with "adult" teeth!!!


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