Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To Michigan and Back in 48 hours

Two Fridays ago, Mother’s Day weekend, we backed out of our driveway at 7:45 pm.
We arrived at the “farm” (my mom’s high school friend, Linda, kindly lets us stay at her adorable farm house) in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Saturday morning around 3:30 am our time.
4:30 am Michigan time.
Almost 8 hours of straight driving.
We stopped only once.


Gracie had some quality time her best friends Ducky (on top of her head) and Kitty.
This picture was taken as we approached the farm at 3:30 am.
Why on Earth was she up?


Saturday arrived, and after all 5 of us slept, we tailgated!
And let me add that it was frigid.
Not the, “I’m a big wimp when it comes to cold, frigid.”
But legitimately FRIGID. Like 40 degrees with some major winds.
I may or may not have wanted to cry like 12 times.


Mia showing off her Michigan nails that Aunt Maggie painted earlier in the day.


Adie and Haley tailgating in their pink for the 7 pm breast cancer awareness game.


Before the game, my sister Maggie was announced for Senior Day and was lit up on the big scoreboard. 
The girls LOVED this!

mags senior day smile

Right before walking out onto the field for Senior Day.
My mom and dad escorted her out.


mags senior day field smile

Cute pose in her pink jersey.

mags senior day tears

Then the tears.

mags senior day tears 1

Thank goodness I did not witness this as it was happening.
(I stole a few of these pictures from my sister


Let the game begin!
Our view from the front row in the outfield.
Their stadium is phenomenal.


Mia Adeleigh.
All smiles rooting on Aunt Maggie.


Sophie was loving the game.
Not loving the cold 100 mile an hour winds.


However, a snack of some “popped maize” helped them forget about the cold weather for a bit.

mags senior day pink

My sister Maggie, up to bat!
Go #15!


A family shot.
$20 if you can find Gracie’s eyes?

 mags senior day ads poster

After the game my family headed to their clubhouse and grabbed some of Maggie’s very own Michigan softball posters.

My dad may or may not have gotten an entire stack of them.
He’s practically a celebrity.


mags senior day signing

Speaking of celebrities…..Maggie signed a few autographs after the game.


mags senior day jersey

And her jersey sold in the auction for $850.00 to a local doctor.
My sister Haley was sad to find out she got out-bid by him!

mags senior day with gracie 

After the game at the “train” restaurant.
Maggie & Gracie (no comments on the fact she looks like a boy in this picture! She ripped out her pigtails!)



Sunday arrived and we drove another hour over to Michigan State’s campus.
The girls helped Mimo & Grandpa walk the dogs before the game!


At the field Mia practiced her softball skills before watching Aunt Maggie’s game.


Gracie in her “Viefhaus” shirt that Haley’s husband Jimmy had made for our whole family to cheer on Maggie.
Our last name is Viefhaus & is pronounced V-House.
So creative!


Mia and Sophie in their shirts.


The girls collected helicopter seeds during the game.
Free entertainment at it’s best!


Aunt Adie reading to Gracie.


After the Michigan win, Sophie sees Aunt Maggie on her way over to us.


Gracie loves her Aunt Maggie.  


After a fun-filled weekend of togetherness we were back on the road again………
This picture was taken within 5 minutes of leaving the field.


Sunday night at 11 pm we finally arrived back home.

One of my favorite neighbors, and the main reason why we are able to road trip, as they take care of our dogs when we’re gone, left this Mother’s Day surprise on my counter to welcome me home!

The most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen.
A brownie and a glass of red wine.
Are you kidding me?

The perfect ending to a perfect Mother’s Day weekend!
Thank you Jar Family!


Tegan | Celebrate Twelve13 said...

That first picture is cracking me up! You can totally tell it is 3:30AM. :) What a fun weekend! SUCH a sweet gift to come home too-- those flowers are gorgeous.

Your family is adorable all dressed in their Michigan gear. :)

Kat said...

Tears... that is all I can say is tears are streaming down my face. I love this post, I love that your whole family was there to support her. I love that your children took part and loved every minute of it. This is truly what family is all about. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)


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