Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In Case You Missed It

Sunday, for the Regional Championship game against Notre Dame,
my sister Maggie, who plays for Michigan, hit not one, but TWO BOMBS!

I found these said BOMBS on You Tube.
Some random put them on there.
And I thank him for doing so because
we were unable to make the trip this weekend. 
However I was still able to see them live and up close.
All thanks to Mr. You Tube Man.

Check them out….. Number one.

And number two.

So awesome.
What’s even more awesome, is that with this win, Michigan moves on to the Super Regionals…. aka the SWEET 16!
The final 16 softball teams left playing in the country!

Super Regionals will be this Thursday and Friday in Michigan.
Guess who’s packing up the family again and heading up there?
Yes we are!

If you can’t join us, please watch on ESPN if you are in the mood for some stellar softball.

Michigan will take on Tennessee Thursday at 6:30 pm Central Time on ESPN and again Friday at 3:30 pm Central Time on Friday on ESPNU.

Let me know if you get the chance to catch the games.
Look for me in the front row bleachers in right center field.
I will be waving at you.


Sami Jo said...

Go Maggie! I'll be in prayer for your family as you travel and thanks for sharing these cool videos with us! I played sports in high school and this is the kind of things that gets my heart racing and my hands sweating... goosebumps.

BTW - I love the little pics at the bottom of your blog so don't be surprised if I steal the idea and put it on my blog *tee hee* mine will have two little rascal boys though ... So Cute!

Have a great day, The lady

Janna said...

AWESOME! I will definitely try to watch the games. How fun for all of you that your sister is such a rockstar :)

LauraC said...

I will try to catch it on tv!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

GO Maggie!!!! She rules! that is awesome! Have fun cheering her on this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marta...found your blog the other night & read about Maggie, senior day etc.I'm mother to 4 girls also Mege-18,Kayleen-16,Lily&Kara-13 twins.L&K just finished their 8th gr. season yesterday, Kara loves to watch college ball, so tonight just before I was driving them to a sleepover the game was on. Michigan rang a bell with me & realized I read about Maggie a couple of nights ago. I think that's so cool!! I don't have a blog but read lots of them, was so glad I could trace back & find you again. We saw her up at bat & make an awesome catch @ 3rd. We hope to watch the whole game tomorrow!!! We live in Westchester,NY 35min. outside of
"the City". Enjoy your little girls those days are so fun & goes by way to quick. Tell Maggie she has a fan base of 6 just outsdide of NYC!! will wave to you in the bleachers tomorrow.


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