Monday, April 19, 2010

it's that time of year again

Michigan Softball time!

You may remember this still shot of Gracie & I
on ESPN that I posted from last May.
Who can say they were on ESPN?!!
Gracie can!

Steve & I packed up the girls & drove down on a Saturday morning, 6.5 hours,
to Oklahoma City to watch my sister Maggie take on the Georgia Bulldogs.
College World Series people.
Big time.
My girls still talk about it.

Go Maggie!

We are ready to cheer you on for your final season.
Living it up.
Loving every minute.

We have made one road trip so far.
To Louisville, Kentucky.
Or as Sophie calls it, Kentucky, Louisville.

Here are a few shots from our trip back in March......

My three girls in their Michigan gear!

A pre-game pose with Mommy.

At the game ready to cheer on Mags.

My nephew Meade bundled in his Michigan gear!

Sophie & Ella playing instead of watching the game.

They boys men of our family.

My hubby Steve, Maggie's boyfriend, Austin, my dad (in the back)
My sister Adie's hubby Meade & my sister Haley's hubby Jimmy.

Adie is brilliant for thinking to pack her wagon.

Gracie & Meade may or may not have enjoyed a few hours
of rides around the field.
Adie said she had tennis elbow the next day.

My Grandma Viefhaus, such a trooper all bundled up!
And my Aunt Pat, just the same, next to her.
It was freezing!

*Notice my Grandma has a "Good luck Bud Light Lime"
in her cup holder. My dad is superstitious to the extreme &
forced us all to have a sip, to ensure that they would win.
A RALLY sip, if you will.

We are excited to watch Maggie's senior year unfold &
celebrate all of her achievements & accomplishments.

Next stop, PURDUE!
Look out Boilermakers the Wolverines are a comin'.

1 comment:

Erin Burns said...

OMG - Gracie's smile in that first pic of the girls in their gear is TOO MUCH! Love it.

Love the Wolverines too.
Go Blue! Go Maggie!


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