Wednesday, June 3, 2009


As many of you know, my youngest sister Maggie plays softball for Michigan and recently made it to the College World Series (best 8 teams in the COUNTRY!).

We went up to Ann Arbor two weeks ago to watch them beat BAYLOR and qualify for the World Series. (Check out my previous post for those fun pics)

This past weekend we decided last minute (On Thursday we decided to leave on Saturday morning for her Saturday night game!) to make the 6.5 hour trip to Oklahoma City to watch Maggie play in the College World Series.

We realized this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we couldn't pass up the chance to cheer on Maggie and show her how proud we are of her!

She is such a role model to my girls and I know they will never forget seeing her play softball in the most amazingly, HUGE, crowded, fan-filled softball park EVER!

Before the game in line for the shuttle to take us to the park.
Fresh out of the car after a 6.5 hour ride. Looking hot.
Literally hot (once again) 95 degrees at 5:45 pm!


Walking into the HUGE park!
The girls had a bounce in their step :)

Sophie ready to cheer on Mags!

Mia was SO excited!

We got there right as Mags was doing her crazy pre-game ritual of pretend hitting from the right side.... so funny!

ESPN showed her doing this a few times :)

Go #15!
National Anthem time.

Watching in awe as Aunt Maggie gets ready to play.
They couldn't believe all the people....and, not to mention, all the Dip 'n Dot stands!

Gracie cheering!

Posing after an AWESOME game!

Signing TONS of autographs.

This girl really wanted Maggie's autograph. It was so cute!

Sophie with Mimo watching Maggie be a celebrity.

Look at all her fans!

Maggie pulled Mia over the fence to sign with her.

More autograph signing....
Mia even got to take pics with Maggie for the fans!

Sophie got to help Maggie too.
She was a little more shy.

Sophie signing autographs with Mags.

How cute!

More fans...

And even more came up to her after she came over by us!

Mia and Sophie soaking it all in.

So proud of Aunt Maggie!

High five Sophie!

The cutest girls ever.

This trip was such a blast and we are so glad we got to experience so much this year with our fun family!

We even made ESPN!
Here is the shot from ESPN when I was holding little Gracie :)

Our little girls have already been to Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky in their minimal 4 and 3 years!

That's a lot of traveling and A LOT of fun experiences that they will ALWAYS remember and hopefully cherish forever.

The majority of our trips have been to cheer on Maggie and show our support.

We want her to know how proud we are of her for all her accomplishments.

Next up...maybe the USA Olympic Team?!

Well, as a matter of fact, Maggie was recently invited to try out for the USA team this coming weekend.... WOW!

{SUPERSTAR} for real.
Go Maggie Go!
We are so proud of you and will be wishing you lots of LUCK!

Keep us posted and we will hopefully be traveling the country in the future watching you in your USA jersey.

#15 We hope!
(Or #6 would be great as well!)


Keira and Kayla's Mommy said...

Keira and I were was so exciting!

jonahbonah said...

You have been a travelin' girl!!! Looks like you and the family have had loads of fun!

Hey, congrats on making ESPN...that's super cool!!!!

If ya ever need a #15 tee in Michigan fabric...I'm your gal!


ohmygluestick said...

I am having a giveaway on my blog today! Check it out!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

You have the cutest family EVER!!


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