Wednesday, April 14, 2010

crazy town

I can't quite put my finger on what exactly it is.
What exactly is the cause of the crazy town atmosphere around here.
I wish I could.
I just can't keep up.
I am overwhelmed.
I am overwhelmed with the thought of being overwhelmed.
Struggling to stay organized.

Laundry from our weekend trip to Carbondale last weekend is still chillin' on the landing.
My bag is still unpacked.
I have 400 things to sew and make.
200 thank you cards from Sophie's birthday to write..... that was in MARCH.
Garage sale goodies to collect for next weekend.

For a crazy lady like me, the feeling of not being on top of things?
I finally emailed my family tonight to ask if they'd like tickets for Mia & Sophie's dance recital.
A whopping 4 days before I have to have the totals turned in.
Such great notice. I am so annoying.

I am trying to catch up.
I can do it!
It's the most beautiful time of year, the windows are open, the birds are chirpin' & I am loving the 80 degree temps & the sunny skies. (Slowing getting my tan back. Big fat Yay!)
All positive things to keep me motivated right?
However, if any of you have any other "get back into the swing of things" advice,
I would greatly appreciate you sharing.....
Or, I'm sure a few several hundred Starbucks gift cards will do the trick.
Just sayin'

And now, a sneak peek at last Alumni Softball weekend......

From the left:
Top Row:
Tahira, (aka Princess Tiana) My sister Adie, My Mom Onda, & Me.
Bottom Row:
Rat & Julie

More to come soon!


Mommafo said...

You're awesome. Know why? Cuz you're a MACHINE! :) Deep breaths, one thing at a time.

Mariah said...

what I do is start delegating which day you will do which task... so on my trusty calendar I put Monday - laundry Tuesday - grocery shopping and thank yous, Wednesday - sewing... you get the point. My goal is just to accomplish those things on that day and forget the rest. Leave a little wiggle room and always plan for the unexpected. It helps to take away those overwhelming feelings by looking at them one task at a time instead of a huge list. Plus once I have it on my calendar, then I can sort of erase it from my mind and stop thinking, darn I still need to do that... because in my mind I know that I will be doing it, just not until Thursday! Call me crazy, but it works for me. Good luck!

Four Fit Sisters said...

I say BURN the house down...and start fresh :) ha ha. Well if we are being honest I JUST put away my suitcase from LOUISVILLE before you guys got here. WOW!! I don't stress about it. It gets done when it gets done!! Love the is what makes us who we are!

Melissa said...

Umm...maybe another bud light will help? haha, I'm just kidding..but really, sometimes I just open the wine and watch tv...leave the laundry and the dishes for a fresh start tomorrow! (Or...I call my housecleaner!)

I wanted to tell you...I bought the Nikeplus system last weekend!! Because of YOU! You motivated me to get out there and start running! I am NOT a runner...never ran in my life, but I am active and was always an athlete (cheerleader...but that counts in my book!) I've only run once with it, but I love it!! I wouldn't have know about it if you hadn't talked about you and your sisters doing it!!

ps-I'm from right by Carbondale...I live in San Diego now...and have since I was 8, but I visit my family in Centralia, IL all the time! I love to visit...but I love living here!

Maggie V said...

pseudoephedrine...just like glee! you'll be buzzin around like you're on speed!!! haha totally kidding! please don't do that!


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